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101st Shock Troops Battalion

September 14th, 2552 -




UEG Seal United Earth Government
UNSCDF Shield UNSC Defence Force


UNSC Naval Special Forces


Orbital Drop Shock Troop Battalion


Special Operations Spaceborne Infantry/Light Armor


600 Troopers




The Burning Eagles


Battalion of the 105th Shock Troops Division


Rise from Ashes.


Dark Red


Don't Forget Your Friends


Screaming Eagle


14th September, 2552


UNSC Distinguished Unit Citation

Battle honors
  • Earth Unit Citation
  • Ark Raid Citation
  • Kafkian Peacekeeping Medal

Colonel Stephen Choi


The 101st Shock Troops Battalion, known colloquially as the The Burning Eagles, was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper battalion of the 105th Shock Troops Division formed during the latter stages of the Human-Covenant War. Its formation was considered a top priority as during the months of August and September two battle-hardened battalions of Shock Troopers were wiped out. On Reach, the 11th Shock Troops Battalion suffered loses of up to seventy-five percent of its combat ready troops. While, a few weeks later during the Battle of New Jerusalem the 18th Shock Troops Battalion was almost wiped out to a man as the Covenant annihilated the 26th Marine Expeditionary Force sent to retake the colony. Under the Military Unit Formation (2541) Act, a new battalion within the 105th Shock Troops Division was created with the survivors of both decimated battalions both being transferred into this new unit. The numbers within the unit were quickly supplemented with Troopers who had just completed their ODST training. This gave the unit a mixture of skilled, battle-hardened ODSTs and Troopers who had yet to experience their first drop. It first saw action during the Battle of Mombasa and later would be stationed on-board the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn as it joined the Covenant Separatists during the Raid on the Ark. It would see extensive combat action during the Operation and would garner a distinguished reputation, resulting in it receiving the UNSC Distinguished Unit Citation. Its most famous action during the Ark raid came towards the end, as it covered the retreat of several Sangheili Legions as the Flood infested High Charity landed on Installation 00 and began overrunning the expeditionary forces of both species which had been significantly depleted already by their prior engagements. The 101st returned to Earth towards the end of December. It was eleven months before the unit was deployed again, this time it was to Mars to help maintain order following the immediate aftermath of the 2553 Martian food protests. In 2554, the unit was folded in with the 9th Infantry Brigade (Mechanised) as part of Task Force 342 (Kafkian Peacekeeping Force) and was the first UNSC unit to see action and begin the campaign to put down the violent uprising on Kafka. Its infamous nickname came about through the unique branding the battalion took to putting on its human entry vehicles. At the bottom the unit would paint its logo of the Screaming Eagle, and during jumps the ceramic would heat up causing flames to arise around the droppod at plummeted towards the atmosphere, completely engulfing the eagles. It was a nickname that the unit would cling to as it was a potent reminder of the circumstances that caused the unit to be activated.