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117th EABT Division
Unit Background

Extra Atmospheric Boarding, Lunar defense


5, 000 EABTs

Unit Motto

"She is a shining star, and we will protect her."

Unit size

5,000 EABTs

Current Commander

General Draco Jackson

Subordinate Units

Toon C-D

Current Status



The 117th EABT Division was a group of Extra Atmospheric Boarding Troops stationed at Lunar Complex G/T/39. They helped defend this base from attack during the second battle of Earth, taking heavy casualties.



The 117th was created in 2526, to defend Luna. It saw little to no combat for a long time, but stayed sharp by rotating its troops out to front line duty and constantly simulating. The troops there gained a reputation for being mean to new pilot recruits, in an attempt to harden them, and there were often reports of the occasional beating up of recruits. However, these reports were mostly filtered by ONI and never gained public spotlight.


In 2552, during the First Battle of Earth, the EABTs of the 117th were readied for action. They knew that a new assault was not far away. The EABTs fortified the base, then sent out large groups to create Nodes around the main base. When the Covenant assault commenced, these nodes were targeted, and the EABTs took heavy casualties, with only a few troops being able to limp back to base per node. As the nodes were destroyed, the Covenant encircled the base, boxing it in. The Covenant then began a major assault. The remaining 3,000 EABTs rushed to prepare; they dug trenches, created sniper posts, planted traps inside the base, and readied their Mythos walker.

The Covenant force outnumbered them greatly. Not only did it have thousands of infantry, 3 scarab walkers and dozens of AA and standard Wraiths were ready to assault the base. Once the Covenant were in range, the EABTs opened up on the covenant. Hundreds of troops were cut down as grunt hordes attempted to cross the open lunar plane, and two of the three scarabs fell to the Mytho's cannon before the third scarab silenced it. Despite the humans efforts however, there were simply to many covenant troops; thousands rushed the human trenches and overran their lines, and the EABTs were forced to fall back.

Inside the base, the EABTs had clear advantages. In tight narrow spaces, the Covenant's numbers didn't mean much, and the EABTs had placed dozens of traps inside the Base, which killed off many covenant troops. As the battle inside raged, help came from outside, when several Separatist elites captured Scorpion tanks and used them to damage the final Scarab. One EABT, Staff Sergeant Jack Richards, took advantage of this, and in a daring suicide assault, he boarded the scarab and destroyed it from the inside, destroying the AA wraiths as well, and giving up his life in the process.

The EABTs meanwhile beat back the Covenant and began advancing outward. Also, with the AA wraiths down, 60 rapier fighters were able to launch and turn the tide of the battle in the human favor. With air support, the EABTs rallied and fought back the Covenant, winning the battle in a startling success.