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Dragon Squadron
Unit Background

UNSC Annihilator
UNSC Kursk
UNSC Godzilla

Unit size

14-16 pilots

Current Commander

Joe Harrison (2537-2554)
Andrew Peters (2556-2589)
Robert Davis V (2606-current)

Current Status



―Joe Harrison

The 12th Naval Squadron, or "Dragon Squadron" by nickname, is one of the many UNSC naval squadrons to have served over the years. Composed of three squadrons, the original served through the Great War until their death in 2554: the second squadron was formed in 2556 and served until their death in 2589, while the third squadron was not formed until 2606, serving in both the AUR-Remnant War and the Necros War.


Original Team

Dragon Squadron has been around for who knows how long. It was first seen in action in the mission to take a supposed Covenant homeworld. It has since been seen in many of the major and minor battles of the UNSC. Its' last mission was to the Forerunner installation dubbed the Beacon, where the original team were all killed in the destruction of the station.

New Team

After the death of the members of Dragon Squadron, all were given grand funeral along with the members of Team Alpha. The UNSC then set out to make a new Dragon Squadron. Their members were from a batch of new recruits from various Earth academies. These new marines were quickly recruited into two new projects: the creation of a new Dragon Squadron and the creation of a new Team Alpha. Neither would see battle until the Battle of Ceres.


With the Rebels, Remnant and Kig-Yar pirates causing trouble in the outer edges of AUR space, a military reawakening began. Amidst the many squadrons brought back into action was Dragon Squadron, which had been out of commission for a decade since the Battle of Ignito Prime.

Immediately, those that had been related to or had known the members of the former Dragon Squadron were recruited, and then others were recruited also. But now, with the advent of the Necros, fighter squadrons had to be ready for anything. So, the squadron was enlarged and trained to be foot soldiers as well as pilots.


Original Squadron

Second Squadron

Third Squadron

Crew Roster

12th Naval Squadron (2537-2554)
Image Name Description
Joe Harrison
Michelle Walters
Donald Summers
Randall Cragin
Sherri Black
David Davis
June Della
Alejandro Grenado
Kenichi Yamane
Todd Furler
Josue Hernandez
Keith Holloway
Mendel Craven
Glenn Maxwell

Andrew Peters
Luke Donaghy
Brittani Della
Justin Cragin
Erika Black
Brittany Black
Cindle Della
Kiyoshi Sato
Sho Kuroki
Daniel Romanov
Anthony Goodhue
Jacqus Picard
Martin Pino
Eric Lowrie

Robert Davis V
Clyde Davis
Alice Peters
Aaron Peters
Roy Drake
Robert Nicholas Summers Jr.
Justin Cragin Jr.
Mary Cragin
Jacob Harrison
Marshall Drake
Samuel Albert Davis
Rex Summeral
Nick Tatopolous
Phillipe Roache
Akira Yuki
Akane Yashiro

Alternate versions

]]Against All Odds]]

Tracing Dragon Squadron's lineage to its earliest point, the 12th Marine Battalion was a United Nations Space Command Marine detachment that began service during 2453. Rising to prominence as one of the UNSC's foremost battalions

What If?

In the Alternate Universe, Dragon Squadron works with the Human Rebels. The original team never died at the Beacon, as the humans never found it. Thus, the first and second waves work together, doubling the size of the squadron.


  • In the original incarnation of Dragon Squadron's first and second waves, all of the members were based on people that I had met personally. This was later changed when I expanded the rosters to provide a better squad make-up, as before the familial nature of the squadrons was highly unrealistic.

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