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134th Special Forces Operational Detachment
Unit information

Advanced Special Operations Forces


United Earth Government

  • UNSC Marine Corps
    • MARSOC
  • Advanced Special Operations Behind Necros Lines
  • Collection of Military Intelligence
    • Collection of military intelligence in the battle space
      • Collection of Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)
      • Collection of Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT)
      • Collection of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
      • Collection of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
      • Collection of Technical Intelligence (TECHINT)
  • Direct Action against enemy forces
    • Battle space preparation by Unconventional warfare in enemy territory
      • Penetration of Necros lines through use of hacked IFF codes, hijacked Necros vehicles and Necros-like appearance of Revenants
      • Offensive raids against enemy military infrastructure
      • Offensive raids against enemy garrisons
      • Offensive raids against targets of opportunity
      • Hostage rescue
      • Tracking and elimination of Necros personnel
    • Force Multiplier in Conventional Warfare
      • Elite Shock Troopers
      • Allied Morale Booster
      • Psychological Warfare against the enemy's morale
Alternate names



"Straight Back From Hell"


UNSC Nighthawk

Personnel information

Major (as of end of Necros War) David Kilgore

Historical information
Current Status

Active (as of 26xx, Necros Era)

The 134th Special Forces Operational Detachment is a unit of Revenants created by UNSC SOCOM in 26xx, after the success of Operation: SKYJACKER, in which Revenant David Kilgore managed to infiltrate a Necros base using hacked Necros IFF codes and capture a Necros Adversary fighter with the help of a the UNSC AI Gungnir. The 134th is tasked with reconnaissance, sabotage, assassination, and the capture of Necros weapons and vehicles deep behind enemy lines through the use of hacked Necros IFF codes, or in some cases, sheer brute force. The 134th is often based aboard the stealthed Odin-class Carrier UNSC Nighthawk.

Operational History

Operation: PRIVATEER

Operation: PRIVATEER was a mission in which the 134 SFOD was sent to board and take control of N-FFG-341, a disabled Legion-class frigate in hovering over one of the last pockets of Necros resistance on the mostly recapture planet of (location pending). The frigate was well guarded, with a contingent of 4000 Necros Infantry, 100 tanks, 10 medium and heavy walkers, and two Tyrant Assault Super Walkers. The 134th was to smash through Necros line alongside the 3rd Armored Division, with UNSC Air Force providing support. David Kilgore advanced through the Necros lines in his M1055 Polar Bear Anti-Super Walker Vehicle "Fury From The North", with Mattias Eriksson attacking in his Tiger HBT and the rest of the squad in Scorpions. The 134 and Third Armored smashed the Necros forces, David Kilgore personally destroying one of the Tyrants with his ASWV's missile. After clearing the area, a the 134th met up with a unit of IBSTs delivered by Groundhog APCs and an entered the Necros vehicle via High Orbit, Precision Entry launchers.

UNSC Nighthawk

The UNSC Nighthawk is a UNSC stealthed Odin-class Carrier that serves as a sort of mobile base for the 134th Special Forces Operational Detachment, as well as several other UNSC special ops units.

The 134th has its own section of the vessel that act's as the unit's base The 134th SFOD is housed in an area formerly used as a marine barracks, that has been heavily modified for use by the all Revenant special forces unit. The barracks have been modified by dividing them up into several small, roughly 8x12 foot "stalls" containing a bed and a desk equipped with a small computer terminal connected to the ship's comms system for use as individual sleeping quarters, cramped, but still larger accommodations than those of an average soldier or marine. The unit's commander, David Kilgore lives in a slighly larger 12x16 foot officer's cabin with a small, 6x3 foot, separate bathroom and shower.

The 134th SFOD also has its own armory aboard the Nighthawk where it's members keep their primary weapons, and it also contains a spare of practically every UNSC weapon infantry, as well as large amounts of ammunition, as well as a considerable number of captured Necros weapons and ammunition, including several pulse rifles and carbines, disruptor lasers, and three Vindicator missile launchers.

Finally, the 134th has its own "motor pool" in one of the hangers. Motor pool contains five Warthogs modified in a manner similar to the Warthog Assassins used by the SPARTAN IVs, as well both the M-1050 Brown Bear Anti-Heavy Walker Vehicle "Grizzly Fate" and the M1055 Polar Bear Anti-Super Walker Vehicle "Fury From The North", the very same vehicles used by David Kilgore during his time in the 3rd Armored Division. Kilgore managed to get a hold of his old tanks through connections he has with UNSC Command. In addition to "Grizzly Fate" and "Fury From The North", the 134th has several other tanks, namely five Scorpions, a Komodo AVP, a Crocodile IFV, and a Tiger HBT. All members of the 134th are trained in tank operation, and use these tanks when they need to punch through heavy Necros resistance to seize an objective, often aided by conventional UNSC armor. For missions requiring more stealth than brute force, the 134th has a number of Necros Nemesis LRVs, which they use, along with hacked IFF codes and the Necros-like appearance they gained after their failed conversion to sneak behind Necros lines. The 134th has also has a number of captured Necros Compound Tanks and an Eradicator tank that they use when they need both stealth and heavy firepower.


134th Special Forces Operational Detachment
Image Name Rank Image Rank Role Personality and Bio
David Kilgore David Kilgore
  • Commanding Officer
  • Heavy Weapons Expert
  • Armored Warfare Expert
David Kilgore is a battle-hardened former- M1055 Polar Bear Anti-Super Walker Vehicle commander, having personally destroyed a number of formidable Necros Tyrant Assault Super Walkers. After becoming a Revenant, the cybernetically augmented product of a painful failed Necros conversion attempt, he joined the UNSC SOCOM in a quest for revenge, and after his success in stealing a Necros Adversary Fighter from a Necros airfield with help of AI Gungnir, he was chosen to lead the All-Revenant 134 SFOD. In both his days as a tank commander and as a spec ops. commander, Kilgore is known for personally leading his men into battle. Kilgore's actions are often considered reckless by his superiors, however, the massive impact Kilgore has on Necros forces is undeniable. Among the Necros, Kilgore is feared as much as the SPARTAN IV super soldiers. Kilgore's favored weapons are machine guns, missile launchers, and other heavy weapons. When the 134th needs armored support, Kilgore personally operates his old Anti-Walker Vehicle. Born in Vancouver, Canada.
Mw2 price 1 Michael Price [1]
First Lieutenant
  • Executive Officer
  • Sniper
Michael Price is a battle hardened ex-Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, seeing action against both the Covenant Remnants and the Necros, Price's long special forces career has hardened him against the shock and pain of his failed conversion and instilled in him a loyalty to the UNSC and to his comrades. Price, like most Revenants, has a buring desire to avenge the pain of his conversion. Price's preferred means of unleashing his vengeance upon the Necros is an M99 Gauss Sniper Rifle, the same weapon he carried during his days as an ODST, a weapon that has claimed the lives of hundreds of enemies, both Covenant Remnant and Necros. Born in London, UK.
ODST Laser James Randall [2]
First Lieutenant
  • Cyber Warfare Expert
  • Unmanned Vehicles Expert
  • Energy Weapons Expert
Born with Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of autism characterized by average to above average intelligence and a deficit in social skills, Randall has been skilled with computers since his teenage years. Randall's first career in the UNSC military involved operating the computer systems controlling a Warlord UCAV. Randall's background makes him seem like an unlikely choice for a special forces candidate. However, after a Necros attack on his home base, Randall got hold of an MA5B Assault Rifle and joined the fight, killing several Necros before he was knocked unconscious by a blast wave from an explosion and taken to a Necros Conversion facility. Randall was partially converted by the facility, but was rescued before he could placed under the control of the Necros, becoming a Revenant. Randall managed to complete physically demanding special force training thanks to the Necros augmentations in his body. Randall was immediately recognized for his computer hacking skills, proving himself skilled at hacking into Necros databases with the help of AI Gungnir, managing to cause Necros units, ships, and installations to self-destruct or fire on their own troops. Randall is also extremely skilled at operating unmanned vehicles and using energy weapons such as the MX9 plasma support weapon and the SPARTAN Laser.
720384-michaeledwards super Michael Edwards[3]
First Lieutenant
  • Demolitions Expert
  • Heavy Weapons Expert
Edwards is a former ODST highly skilled in the use of explosives, which he is extremely, perhaps overly enthusiastic at using. In spite of this, Edwards can remain cool and calculated enough to place explosive charges even when fired upon, without making potentially fatal mistakes. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Desmond2 Mohammed Nasir Ibn-La'Ahad[4]
Second Lieutenant
  • Sniper
  • Stealth Combat Expert
The squad's stealth combat expert and sniper, Mohammed can best be described as "cool, cautious, and calculated", able to patiently wait hours or even days for the opportunity to strike to present itself. Mohammed fears no enemy, but never takes unnecessary risks. This personality puts Mohammed at odds with some of his more reckless members of his squad, including his superior, David Kilgore. To Kilgore's credit, he usually follows Ibn-La'Ahad's recommendations when on missions that require stealth. Mohammed is well versed in military tactics, particularly those involving sniping. He is also skilled in close combat, incorporating martial arts from around the world into his fighting style. Born in Damascus, Syria.
Eriksson 1 Mattias Eriksson[5]
Second Lieutenant
  • Heavy Weapons Expert
  • Armored Warfare Expert
Mattias Eriksson was born in Sweden, and is extremely proud of his Norse heritage, and as such, has an interest in Norse mythology and Viking history, claiming to be the descendant of the Viking Berserker. Eriksson was the commander of a Tiger Heavy tank prior to his failed conversion, and still used his tank when the 134th needs heavy support. While Eriksson has no diagnosed mental disorders, he had always had an overenthusiasm for the use of explosives, heavy weapons, and armored vehicles, particularly his M41B2 missile launcher, which he has nicknamed Mjolnir, after the hammer of the Norse god Thor.
Bando 2 Kazuya Bando[6]
Sergeant Major
  • Demolitions Expert
Since before he became a Revenant, Bando has been known to have slight anti-social personality disorder, though not enough to keep him from serving as an ODST. Since partially converted by the Necros, Bando experiences episodes of paranoia, at one point elbowing Angelina Triela in the chest and pulling a gun on her when she walked up to him from behind. Because of this, he is generally given a wide berth by other members of the 134th, partiularly when he appears to be entering an episode of paranoid hyperalertness. Bando is also extremely vengeful towards the Necros, often taking risks in combat to kill more of his tormentors.
Tanya Pavlichenko[7]
Gunnery Sergeant
  • Sniper
Tricia Buck Tricia Buck[8]
Staff Sergeant
  • Rifleman
Angelina triela Angelina Triela[9]
Staff Sergeant
  • Close Combat Expert
Angelina Triela was born on a UNSC colony world that was attacked by the Necros when she was 19, in her second year of university. Triela managed to escape her "Intro To Exobiology" class before she was slaughtered by the Necros and fled the classroom building. Angelina got a hold of an M108C shotgun off a dead police officer and hid out in an abandoned building. She managed to fight off any Necros that discovered her hiding place for ten days until she was captured and became a Revenant in a failed Necros Conversion. As soon as she was rescued from the Necros, Angelina immediately joined the UNSC Marines, and, two years later, the 134th. Angelina Triela looks up to David Kilgore as a mentor, and secretly harbors feeling for him, though she vehemently denies this. Her Necros modifications are somewhat unique as Triela has a set of retractable wing-like Necros anti-gravity devices attached to her back in addition to the usual Necros augmentations.
ODST2 Kouta Hirano [10]
  • Heavy Weapons Expert
Born in Okinomiya Tokonosu IV the same colony world as Saeko Ryougi, Hirano had his first encounter with the Necros at age 17, in his junior year of high school, when the Necros attacked his homeworld. Hirano fought against the Necros invaders armed with modified nailgun and a Necros pulse rifle. He was later rescued along with Saeko Ryougi by a unit of ODSTs under Michael Price and later spent a year in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating high school, Hirano joined the UNSC Marines along with Saeko Ryougi. They were both captured and partially Necrosified, at which point they both joined the 134th SFOD. Hirano has been a firearms enthusiast since his teenage years, and is particularly skilled with heavy weapons such as LMGs and rocket launchers. Kouta, like James Randall, has Asperger's Syndrome, and thus is rather introverted, though he is friendly with James Randall and Saeko Ryougi.
Kara no Kyoukai s Shiki by WinterSakura101 Saeko Ryougi[11]
  • Close Combat Expert
Born in Okinomiya, Tokonosu IV, shares much of her history with Kouta Hirano, encountering the Necros at the same age as Hirano, in the very same attack, and even in the same building. Ryougi managed to fight off the Necros armed with a Necros pulse machine pistol and a katana until she was rescued by then-ODST Michael Price and extracted via Pelican along with Kouta Hirano. Ryougi later spent a year in Tokyo along with Kouta before they both joined the UNSC Marines at 18, and, after being captured and partially Necrosified, Ryougi and Hirano joined the 134th. Ryougi had been known to have antisocial personality disorder since she was 16, when, after she was attacked a man in a ski mask, who she fought back against and merciless beat with a bokken or wooden practice katana. Saeko has, however, thus far reserved her rage for the Necros, though she does actually enjoy close combat, particularly the use of bladed weapons.
Military Artificial Intelligence
  • Support AI


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