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145th Naval Squadron
Unit Background

Defense, Bombing, Dogfighting


12 Pilots

Unit Motto

"To the skies, to the skies, to the skies we go."

Unit size

12 Rapier Class Interceptors

Current Commander

Major Brock Juno,

Current Status



The 145th Naval Squadron was a UNSC squadron during the Great War. The 145th first served in the Harvest campaign, and was decimated in the final battle; only one member survived. The 145th served during the rest of the war, getting a reputation as a squadron who lost 90% of its pilots but never 100%. After a series of crushing casualties, the 145th was reassigned to Luna, where they were put on standby duty from 2550 on protecting the Sol system. Some of the new bright candidates from the academy fed into the squadron, giving them better, if raw, pilots. The 145th were given the new Rapier-Class Interceptors in 2552 to help them better defend the academy, which allowed the UNSC to split the squadron and sent twelve more Longsword pilots off to fight in the war. However, the best pilots remained in the squadron. The 145th is a moderately skilled fighter squadron, but no where near the skill of the mythic 182nd Naval Squadron and 112th Naval Squadron. The current status of the 145th is unknown.

Known Roster

  • Kilo One/Lead: Major Brock Juno
  • Kilo Two: FOSC Jacob Orion
  • Kilo Three: FOSC Lily Statmueller
  • Kilo Four: FOSC Ted Banks
  • Kilo Five: FOSC Barney Stillson
  • Kilo Six: FOSC Marshall Ericson
  • Kilo Seven: FOSC Robin Sand
  • Kilo Eight: FOSC Sandy Guinea
  • Kilo Nine: FOSC Riley Hijack
  • Kilo Ten: FOSC Oscar Korpijaakko
  • Kilo Eleven: FOSC Mirranda Healy
  • Kilo Twelve: FOSC Karen Marsland