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15th Special Operations Regiment

Unified Earth Government


Special Forces

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From the Darkness We Rise

  • Colonel Alexander Bekelov
"Ex Obscurum Nos Orior oriri ortus"
―Latin: From the Darkness We Rise

The 15th Special Operations Regiment, also known as the 15 SOR, is a joint Special Forces group of the UNSC Special Operations Command. The 15 SOR is highly regarded as one of the most skilled Special Forces branches, having participated in successful missions such as the Raid on Unmatched Ascension, Selos Theater of Operations, and the Draco Hostage Crisis.

The group consists of primary light-infantry forces, who during times of warfare utilise special weapons and tactics to provide a variety of special operations missions. Oftentimes, these units take direct orders from the UNSC Military Intelligence Division.


The 15th Special Operations Regiment was formed as a counter-terrorism unit in 2332, in response to Insurgent uprising in the Hydra System. It would be two more years before they saw their first deployment during the Siege of New Melbourne in 2334. They would fight alongside Army Infantry Units for nearly twelve days, before UNSC forces would oribatally bombard the city.

Afterwards, the 15th SOR participated in a number of counter-insurgency missions across the newly formed Inner colonies. These events eventually led up to the Inner Colony Campaigns of 2404. The units would then participate in a vast variety of missions alongside the 160th SOAR. After eight years of fierce fighting, the group was temporarly disbanded as conflicts calmed down.

Roughly 70 years later, the 15th Special Forces were reestablished in an effort to stop piracy attacks on freighters in the Eridanus System. During these times, the 12th Special Operations Battalion would be formed by members of the Office of Naval Intelligence. These units were designed to participate in raids on Insurgent ships, while in a Zero-G environment.

Additional SOR units were deployed across UNSC space in multiple campaigns against Insurgents. The forces also acted as temporary police forces during civilian uprisings in Harvest and Arcadia. These units proved vital, yet at the same time controversial, during these rough events. The 12th Special Operations, acting as ONI's personal police force, made numerous political assinations against that were cited as civilians. Despite the multiple attempts to cover up these incidents, the news would reach multiple systems, causing additional anti-UNSC sediment.

With start of the Human-Covenant War not long after, the unit was thought to have been dissolved and replaced by additional ODST forces. In reality, this was not the case. The remaining units had been picked up by the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence in rorder to form an intelligence gathering group. Hundreds of 15th Special Forces units were killed in multiple attempts of gathering Covenant technology. However, their sacrifices payed off and during multiple instances, large numbers of alien weaponry were acquired.

RelentlessRecusant PMCs

Members of the 15 SOR would participate in a number of Post-Great War counter-terrorism missions

The Regiment also served as a multi-role emergency force during the Covenant conflict. Several units were deployed across UNSC colonies, with orders to retake strategic locations. Many of these troops acted on their own commands, having been deployed behind enemy lines. The 15th would wind up fighting in several of the last battles of the war, fighting Covenant soldiers on Tsvao Highway, as well as rescuing civilians in enemy-occupied Arusha.

As recent rebel conflicts have begun to pop up in the remaining colonies, the 15th Special Operations has once again become acttive. Counter-terrorism units are strategicly deployed in military installations on Minister, Judecca, Earth, and Mars.



All recruits looking to join the 15 SOR are required to have at least four years of experience within any branch of the UNSC Special Forces. All members must be pay grade E-3 or higher in order to qualify for the group. Troops also must be complete an additional nine weeks of basic training, as well as Airborne and Spaceborne training.


After unqualified recruits are washed out, the main training sessions begin.


Members of the 15 SOR utilize the M52 Battle Armor as their main battle dress uniform. The BDU is compatible with the V22 Vacuum Sealed Mask, which allows the group extravehicular activity for nearly 12 minutes. The Mask is also capable of blocking out deadly gasses or chemical leaks during incidents of chemical warfare.

Despite using a massive variety of weaponry, the 15th still utilizes several main weapons. The MA5B and M142 serve as the main close to mid-range weapon during direct combat actions. The M7S SMG is also used for covert operations and assationations, as well as direct missions. For long range operations, the SRS99 Sniper Rifle and M99 Stanchion Gauss Rifle are often used.

During the early Rebuild Era, troops of the 15 SOR began utilizing the UV-32 Nightingale Tiltrotor as their main means of transportation. The large cargo bay and fast characteristics, made the craftextremely useful during anti-Covenant and Counter-Terrorism missions.

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