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Unit Patch of the 17th Armored Battalion

17th Armored Battalion "Hell on Wheels"

4/17/2549 -


United Nations Space Command






Anti-Armor, Anti-Infantry Combat


51 Scorpion Tanks, 3 Rhino Tanks, 5 Warthogs, 2 Mongooses, 1 Elephant


Hell on Wheels


"The Baddest Motherf***er's In The Valley"

Halo 3 Scorpion

M808B Scorpion MBT, the main vehicle of the 17th

The 17th Armored Battalion of the 2nd Mobile Regiment was formed before the colony planet of Hera was under siege from Covenant forces. The 17th was then deployed to Hera and made considerable progress with what command would call "acceptable" casualties. There the 17th gained their nickname "Hell on Wheels" and their motto "The Baddest Motherf***er's In The Valley!"

The 17th is made up of the following:

17th ARMOR BATTALION "Hell on Wheels" - Major Chris Jaeger

  • ALPHA COMPANY - Combat - Captian Owen Hastings
    • 1st Platoon - 6 Scorpion Tanks
    • 2nd Platoon - 6 Scorpion Tanks
    • 3rd Platoon - 5 Scorpion Tanks
  • CHARLIE COMPANY - Combat - Captian Danial Park
    • 1st Platoon - 6 Scorpion Tanks
    • 2nd Platoon - 5 Scorpion Tanks
    • 3rd Platoon - 6 Scorpion Tanks
  • DELTA COMPANY - Support - Captian Blake Harris
    • 1st Recon Platoon - 5 Warthogs, 2 Mongooses
    • 2nd Headquarters Platoon - 1 Elephant
    • 3nd Platoon - 3 Rhino Tanks

A Scorpion MBT of the 17th


The 17th is mainly made up of M808 Scorpion MBTs, out of the 62 vehicles in the battalion, 51 are Scorpions. There are also three Rhino Tanks which provide support to the Scorpions. Five Warthogs and two Mongooses make up the 17th's recon element. A single Elephant makes up the 17th's Headquarters.

600px-Wraith view

The Wraith is the main vehicle opposition to the 17th

Combat Record

The 17th has an impressive combat record with a large number of kills and a low number of casualties. However in their first combat experience the 17th tasted blood in its teeth. During the first moments of the battle brought on 65% casualties, afterwards the 17th countered and pulled through making considerable progress in the area.

First Engagement

After being deployed to the colony planet of Hera the 17th was order to advance into Clover Valley and deal with Covenant forces in the area. Alongside the 17th was the 73th Infantry Battalion. The 17th and the 77th had to make an uphill advance to reach the valley, during the march Covenant forces caught the two battalion's in a classic L Ambush. During the first moments of the fight 25% of the 17th was lost and the 73th took heavy casualties.

The Major of the 73th then ordered a full retreat however Major Chris Jaeger of the 17th gave the opposite order, to advance. Major Chris Jaeger had been quoted with "If we go back they'll hit us even harder! 17th, it's our turn! Full advance!"however it is unknown if those were his words and instead used as publicity.

The 17th held and then countered, fighting back and later breaking through the ambush. Then fighting their way to Clover Valley they attacked and destroyed a Covenant headquarters there, afterwards the 17th and 73th held back numerous counterattacks by the Covenant.

Over the course of two days the 17th had lost 65% of its unit, including the complete loss of Delta Company's 1st Recon Platoon and many other platoons took extreme losses, but scored large amounts of kills. Their Ace tanker, Captain Akira Kurematsu, recorded 19 Wraiths alone during the battle it is unknown the precise number of other vehicle kills such as Ghosts, Spectres, etc. Captain Owen Hastings was noted during the battle for bringing down 4 Spirits and 5 Phantom dropships.

Six Silver Stars, eleven Bronze Stars, sixty-three Purple Hearts and the Colonial Cross were awarded to members of the 17th, mostly posthumously.

Combat Photography

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