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Longsword Squadron
182nd Naval Squadron
Unit Background

Dogfighting and bombing


24 pilots

Unit Motto

Glory or a glorious death

Unit size

24 Longswords

Current Commander

Ensign William Bray

Current Status



Best of the best

These are elite pilots brought up in a similar way to Iota Platoon. They are made up of some of the best pilots in the UNSC.
ProfLongsword Intercptor


The Squadron is always stationed aboard the UNSC Spitfire. They fight to the end and will never give up unless they are ordered to.

The leader

They are lead by Ensign William Bray who was born in Montreal, Quebec 2520. He was trained at the RMC where they trained a special division of air squadrons.

Active service

They are deployed aboard the UNSC Spitfire as the main fighter squadron there. The 182nd has been active the day that they were created and have only lost three men in their entire mission history. They are currently finishing off the remaining covenant loyalist and rebel forces.

2Longsword battle of Earth

Battle of earth

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