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18th Strike Fleet
18th Strike Fleet
Unit Background

Strike Fleet


900,000 collective personell

Unit Motto

One Fleet, One Mission, The 18th Strike Fleet

Unit size

26 Marathon Class Cruisers, 24 Frigates, 15 Posiedon Heavy Destroyers, 9 Carriers,

Current Commander

Admiral Han-Mu

Current Status




Created in 2530, the 18th Strike Fleet was made in order to serve as a quick respone force. It was put in charge of the defense of a sector, which it defended at all costs. Admiral Han-Mu, a respected admiral in the Navy, was put in charge.


During the war, it defended dozens of planets from the Covenant, but it lost many to the alien juggernaut. Over the years, the fleet was continually upgraded with new technologies, making them state of the art ships. It was meant to help planetary fleets, and respond when large attack forces came down on colonies. During its service, it was commanded by the UNSC Independence, a Marathon class Cruiser. It was one of the many homes of the 112th as well, and proud of their temporary inclusion. It served for years, but was eventually recalled in 2500 to defend Rebirth, one of the largest colony worlds, and the third biggest naval base in the UNSC, behind Earth and Reach. They have defended there ever since, but occasionly are still used as a fleet to strike out at Covenant raiders and supply lines.

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