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The 1st Terra Auxilia is a military unit the size of a UNSC Division. To foster relationships between the Terran and Sangheili soldiers, the Sangheili-Terran Alliance allowed for both sides to exchange soldiers to serve in each other's military. The 1st Terra Auxilia was a mixed Terran-Sangheili unit allowing for inter-species operations, however the Terrans used Sangheili weaponry.

The Sangheili equivalent is the Sangii Legion, Sangii meaning Blood Allied in Sangheili tongue.


"I served in the Auxilia for three years, and boy, did the Sangheili expect a lot of you. We did pull a few trick out of our armour though."

"We had to train extra hard to join the 1st TA, especially with plasma weapons and Sangheili culture. In return we got to see the Sangheili version of war."

"The Sangheili respect any soldier no matter what species, but it was a culture shock to return to Terra, where almost no-one gives one about you."

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