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21-10 Logo
21st Shock Trooper Special Operations Company
Unit Background

Special Operations


Mariposa, Mars

Unit Motto

"Seyton's Devils"

Unit size

41 ODSTs

Current Commander

Capt. Drew Seyton

Subordinate Units

Team 1, Team 2, Team 3

Current Status



"Har, har. Yeah. It's really funny, isn't it? Last name is Seyton, so he must the Devil incarnate. Can't tell you how many times I've heard it before. Just lost its humor, really."
―Captain Drew Seyton, on his unit's recent nom de guerre

The 21st Shock Trooper Special Operations Company "Delta" of the 10th Shock Troops Battalion was originally formed at the beginning of the its parent unit's existence, in 2521. It went through several incarnations, along with its other three sister companies before reaching its current state in 2570. Its operational history includes some of the most remarkable engagements of Human history, such as the Defense of Manheim, the Second Battle for Earth, the Defense of Kanna, and the interdiction against the Insurrectionist colony of Liberty. After being almost completely destroyed during the Human-Covenant War, the 21st ShoTSOC received an influx of new and eager recruits just in time for their deployment on Kanna. In this engagement, they were torn to pieces once more, with the ones surviving now relied upon as veteran members. Shortly after recovery some of their numbers, they were thrown into the swirling maelstrom of destruction that was the Remnant Campaign, where they operated with their parent unit, the 10th, as a support element for the UNSC fleets pushing back rampaging Brutes. As of 2630, they are still active, despite having a personnel attrition rate of 28 percent.

Operational History


Chain of Command

Behind the Scenes

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