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2210 Colonial Military Administrative Code

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The 2210 Colonial Military Administrative Code was a document authorized by the United Earth Government that dictated the force structure and responsibilities of active duty, reserve, and colonial guard units on each planet.

Planetary reserve forces

Colonial military forces that are under the command of the planet's government, such as the Caprican Army, follow five distinct responsibilities for their operations:

  • Sovereign protection of one's colonial homeworld from all enemies, foreign or domestic
  • Assistance in domestic security and emergency situations (i.e. floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.)
  • To prepare the colony's military in time of war, for possible activation under the federal wartime Army of the United Nations by Executive Order from the Chancellor and/or by the UEG Senate
  • Provide training and equipment for local militia detachments in support of the active-duty UNSC Defense Forces and Military Constabulary Service
  • During time of extreme crisis, the conscription of all able-bodied males ages 14 to 70

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