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Rueful Ascent
2401 Rueful Ascent
Biographical information
Began service 


Ended service 


Physical description

Male Programming

Normal color


Political information and functions


Primary Function

Replacement Moniter of 2401 Penitant Tangent


"Greetings! Im am the new Moniter of Installation 05, I am 2401 Rueful Ascent."

When the Gravemind got destroyed, so did 2401 Penitent Tangent. And the Instalation could not go without a monitor. The ark formed a new monitor 2401 Rueful Ascent to return to reclaim the Installation from the flood with the help of the sentinals.


When High Charity was destroyed, Installation-00 lost Tangent's signal. So a replacement was made, with the same color personality, and control.

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