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2553 Martian food protests
Rioters wreak havoc in a Seven Hills suburb.
July—November, 2553
Protests & riots subdued
UNSC Defense Force
Martian militiamen
Numerous police forces
URF sympathizers
Unruly civilians
Other organizations
Commanders and leaders
Fleet Admiral Hood Unidentifiable
Home Fleet remnants
  • 3 warships
  • 1 orbital station

6,000+ armed personnel

Multiple freighters
800+ hostiles
Unknown number of sympathizing civilians
Casualties and losses
26 killed
4 missing in action
103 wounded
4 freighters
300+ hostile casualties (estimated)
"We need to get it under control before HighCom loses what control they have..."

The 2553 Martian food protests were a series of civil uprisings that took place on post-Human-Covenant War Mars.

As its name implies, the protests began with modest, metropolitan protests over severe food scarcities. The situation erupted out of the battered UNSC's control after a riot originating in the Capital Grounds erupted into a firefight between rebel sympathizers and UNSC-aligned security guards. The tenacity of the protests have often been linked to the 2554 Mid-Rim Protests, which were notably more widespread.