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25th Highlander Regiment
Unit Background

Mobile Marine Infantry Regiment

Unit Motto

Velox Fortis Letalis "Swift, Brave, and Lethal"

Unit size


Current Commander

Colonel Graham Aker

Subordinate Units
  • 1st Battalion of the 25th Highlander Regiment
  • 2nd Battalion of the 25th Highlander Regiment
  • 3rd Battalion of the 25th Highlander Regiment
Current Status



The 25th Highlander Regiment is a mobile regiment in the United Nations Space Command Marine Corps. The regiment consists of 3 battalions.


  • 1st Battalion is made up of light infantry. It is the unit within the regiment that sees the most combat during a battle. Standard equipment for them is M4A2 Body Armour and most are armed with the MA6A ICWS.
  • 2nd Battalion is made up of mechanized infantry. It is the fastest unit within the regiment and is often used for assaults. Standard equipment for them is the M5A1 Body Armour and the M2A Light Assault Rifle.
  • 3rd Battalion is made up of heavy infantry. It packs the most firepower within the regiment and is often used to siege enemy bases and outposts before assaults, as well as taking on an anti-armour role. Standard equipment for them includes the M5A1 Body Armour, the MA6A ICWS, the M899 LAAW, and the M41B2 WAV/AM.


Pre-Necros War

The regiment was founded in the year 2600, approximately 15 years before the Necros War. The regiment was initially founded to take part in mock combat exercises against trainees in order to give them some minor combat expertise. In 2613 elements of the regiment took part in combat against Kig-Yar pirates at the edge of AUR space during the Raid at Leucopetra, but they're lack of full combat experience caused them to take heavy casualties, and the regiment's Commanding Officer was KIA. Over the next two years a massive restructuring of the regiment occurred and many veterans from other UNSC regiments were transferred in, as well as trainers from the USR and Machina Federation. By the time the Necros War was started, the regiment was ready for combat with its new Commanding Officer.

Combat Record

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