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"Hmmph, I'm the only monitor who is not insane! Those stupid humans, or whatever they are called..."
―2604 Shaded Rage

2604 symbol
2604 Shaded Rage
Biographical information
Began service 

A little before 101,217 B.C

Ended service 

still active

Physical description

Male Voice


Hateful Monitor

Normal color

changes between green and dark blue

Political information and functions


Primary Function

Monitor of Installation 248



2604 Shaded Rage was a monitor created by the Forerunners and given an installation to watch over. It was made as a Shield World of some sorts, as well as having a function of serving as a home for creatures that can survive in the type of atmosphere for the Installation. His eye constantly changes colors between green and dark blue, and he appears to believe he was the only monitor that was not insane. Shaded Rage was equipped with the same technology that every other monitor had. The Constructors on the Shield World were quick learners, and thus Shaded Rage was able to teach them how to build quicker than they already could.


The Constructors eventually learned how to build structures on the Shield World out of spare parts and other bits and pieces the Forerunners left behind for them. They created repair stations and Shaded Rage summoned all the sentinels on the Shield World for "repairs". One-by-one Shaded Rage upgraded the technology and A.I.s of Sentinels, then changed the coding of the Shield World so the Sentinel Launchers released the Sentinels with the upgrades. The Sentinels spread out to guard the other locations of the Shield World, and the Sentinel Launchers rapidly released the upgraded Sentinels. Shaded Rage called many Constructors to help him create more structures, which included an upgrade facility, which would upgrade an Enforcer or Sentinel's A.I. and weapons, as well as increase the intelligence of the constructors. Whenever the facility's Construct created a new upgrade, it would send the coding to the Production Facilities so that they create Sentinels, Enforcers and Constructors (whichever one the upgrade was made for) with the upgrade(s).
Very little was known about Shaded Rage and "his" connections with the UNSC, though "he" has had multiple encounters with them. Several times UNSC escape pods and other aircraft ended up on Installation 248, and Shaded Rage greeted them with glee each time. Some, however, treated "him" vilely, slowly making Shaded Rage develop a hatred for human beings. At some point, "he" chose to side with the humans and Covenant Separatists during the Covenant Civil war, despite "hits" hatred for humans, leaving Installation 248 with several Sentinels, Enforcers, and Constructors to assist those who were against the Covenant. Several times, the Covenant captured Rage, believing "him" to be another "Holy Oracle". Each time "he" escaped, and was glad to know about the death of the Prophet of Truth in 2553. After learning of the destruction of the Ark, 343 Guilty Spark and the second Installation 04, "he" was saddened deeply, but felt that John-117 did the right thing by destroying the Flood through these actions, and "saving" Spark from "an eternal hell of rampancy and being captured by the Flood". Rage then returned to Installation 248, and resumed "his" usual business as a Monitor. "His" fate currently remains unknown.

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