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EOS 267th Elite Operations Medics of the 267th bringing an allie to safety.
267th Elite Operations Division
Unit Background

Elite Operations


7,000 Marines

Unit Motto

Live For Nothing, Die For Something

Current Status



The 267th are the testers of the E.O.S (Elite Operations Soldiers Program), a program that are stronger than ODSTs but weaker than Spartans. They helped out SPARTAN-217D Fight the Human Rebels on Derel.


The armor of the 267th differs, from the Normal armor to the Vacuum Armor.

Recruit - Corporal

The Standard armor which Recruits, Aprentices, Privates, and Corporals wear, it has Titanium shoulder and knee pauldrons, Gloves with Mesh Ventilation Holes, Ammo and Grenade Compartments, UVA and UVB Protectant Goggles, Titanium Plated Helmets, and Titanium Alloy Undershirts.

E.Elite O.Operations S.Solider

The Standard Armor for a Recruit, Apprentice, Private, or Corporal


The Specialist Armor is for the Marines who run the Flamethrowers and the only two differences is that the undershirt and the helmet are airtight, and the helmet has no breathing holes. To be a Specialist one must be a Corporal.

EOS Flamethrower Specialist

The Specialist Armor, as said above is airtight on the helmet and undershirt.

Sergeant - Master Sergeant

The Sergeants Armor is a Full Steel and Titanium armor set, but the undershirt is not airtight, which is a big disadvantage for the 267th. It has a Small Visor so the enemy cannot see the wearer and an angular shaped helmet for reduced impact from bullets.

EOS Sergeant

The Sergeants Armor in action.

EOS Sgt. Under Armor

The Sergeants Under Armor.

Vacuum Armor

The Vacuum Armor is manufactured from the US Army and has been used only once, on Derel. The design is strikingly similar to the ODST armor, except for the fact the Visor is transparent. It also has 7 hours Vacuum use.

EOS Vacuum Trooper

The Vacuum Armor was produced by the US Army in the year 2596.

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