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29th Armored Battalion



Heavy Armor



  • 10 Rhinos
  • 7 Scorpions
  • 18 Warthogs
  • 29 Pelicans
  • 1000 Marines

Big Guns


Hit 'em Hard



  • Heavy Guns
  • Long Range Radios
  • AI

A lot of battles




The 29th Armored Battalion was form at the beginning of 2520. It was originally the 38th Platoon between 2520 to 2533 then it grew and was renamed the 29th Armored Battalion.


Battle of Yamashiro

One of the squads from the 29th Armored Battalion deployed in HEVs to the surface of Yamashiro to defend an ammo depot. Upon landing, a squad were under heavy fire from 3 buildings. Omega squads Sergeant called in an airstrike which destroyed the buildings. A few survivors shot at the Sarge, seriously wounding him. Then a Lance Corporal charged at the Covenant, shooting with his SAW-5 Machine Gun. Soon they were dead and the Lance Corporal poured the last of his magizine into the bodies, just to be sure they were dead. After that skirmish, The squad dragged the Sarge all the way back to the ammo depot. During the first 5 hours of the battle, the UNSC fleet was winning up above but defending the city's ammo depot was costly. Over 500 Marines and Army soldiers were killed and dozens wounded. The soldiers there kept up the fire, defending the east flank. Several hours later, the killed and the wounded reached into the thousands, but the ships kept up the reinforcements. A radio tansmission from the flagship of the UNSC fleet said they were running low on reinforcements. Morale was high because they thought they won the battle. The Covenant were low on troops too, about a million dead. Then 100 Covenant ships entered the system in the middle of the second day. All the UNSC ships except 3 frigates were destroyed. 5 Covenant ships were destroyed too and the Covenant got 2 million reinforcements. The 3 frigates evacuated all the Marines, Army, and Civilians on the planet with the help of 4 Prowlers.

Battle of Omega 7

The Covenant found Omega 7 while a squad of the 29th Armored Battalion was on patrol. With only 9 destroyers guarding the system, the Covenant would overwhelm them in a matter of minutes. The forces the Covenant sent down was only 2 companies. While evac was going on, Omega squad held them off while civilians escaped. While falling back to get evaced themselves, Omega Squad's Sarge was hit several times by plasma bolts. A Corporal went back and picked up this squad leader's dead body. The system was glassed and everyone else in the corporal's squad lived.

Battle of Jacinto

Soon after the Battle of Omega 7, The 29th Armored Battalion was called to help from the paradise system of Jacinto. With only 19 ships in system versus 12 Covenant ships. Then 9 more UNSC ships, including the UNSC Moscow, flanked the Covenant ships. While the battle was raging above, The battalion went down to the surface of the nearest planet. Before the 29th landed, most Covenant ships were destroyed. At Checkpoint Delta and Bravo, 200 Covenant troops charged. 4 squads at each checkpoint tried to hold them off. Eventually they had to retreat, suffering 20 killed compared to the Covenant's 50. While the Covenant charged, About 5 squads set up an ambush, killing all Covenant with 30 Marine reinforcements. They heroicly charged and took back Checkpoint Bravo and Delta, losing nobody. The General congratulated the men and their heroic charge. Eventually the Covenant were killed/destroyed.

Battle of Gantaur

When a Covenant assault fleet appear from slipspace and the 29th Armored Battalion went to defend Alpha Base. They had to hold Checkpoints Charlie, Foxtrot, Zulu, and Bravo. After 3 more hours of assaults, they had to retreat to awaiting Pelicans that were heading towards 2 Prowlers.

Battle of Rhiems

A Covenant raid of 30 ships attacked Rhiems for tatget practice. The 29th Armored Battalion, now landed on the planet just hours ago, was not gonna let this one fall. The defensive fleet of 40, 3 MAC Platforms, and 10 more ships rounding the planet, the battle should be over soon. The battalion held the Covenant off while the 11th Artillery Company and there Rhinos was getting in position. Finally the company got into position, fired, and sent some reinforcements. The battle ended in a UNSC victory, but a Company leader, Vlad, went MIA and still remains to this very day.

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