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329th Naval Squadron
329th Naval Squadron
Unit Background



12 Pilots

Unit Motto

"Take many, take many, take many my brothers."

Unit size

12 Pilots, 12 Dagger-Class Interceptors, 12 Rapier-class Interceptors

Current Commander

Lietenant Second Class Maria Jackson

Current Status



The 329th Naval Squadron was a UNSC fighter squadron commishioned in 2513 to fight the Insurrection. It often went in with groundtroops as airsupport, and even occasionlly dogfighted Innie fighters. However, it was repurposed in 2525 to help fight the Covenant, and it was a part of Admiral Cole's fleet that retook Harvest. However, during the six year long campaign, it lost eleven out of its twelve pilots, leaving only Maria Jackson alive. She was promoted to Lieutenat Second Class and placed as the squadrons leader. The 329th saw action during the rest of the war, often losing many pilots like the majority of the squadrons in the war. However, in December of 2552, after losing Maria Jackson to the 112th, it's second in command, Leo Crash took over, and it participated in the battle of the Orion Nebula.