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32nd NAB
32nd Naval Air Battalion







Troop Drop/Support/Bombing/Dogfighting/Escort


575 Assorted Dropships, Bombers, Fighters, and Gunships


"Assorted Crazies"


"Deploy and Destroy"


Battle of Kanna


Commander Marcus Lankel


The 32nd Naval Air Battalion was a large group of single ships attached to Taskforce Arrow, made up of hundreds of varying aircraft, and stored on eight ships of the 13 ship group.

History (Formation and Combat Record)

The 32nd was formed at the same time as the original Taskforce Arrow, in 2598. It was then much smaller, only 321 ships, containing craft from the also smaller taskforce. The 32nd saw combat on a dozen and a half worlds during an eight year tour against the Remnant, and was then bolstered to 575 craft when the Taskforce received additional capital ships.

Taskforce Arrow was stationed around Gundark, and thus saw limited combat until 2607. When the agricultural planet Kanna was invaded, Taskforce Arrow departed from Gundark as part of a massive relief force. When the force finally arrived, the 32nd was quite helpful, delivering the 485th Marine Regiment to the surface, battling enemy ships in orbit, and providing valuable bombing and support runs.


Due to the diversity of the craft in the Air Battalion, the 32nd can perform almost any role. Katana, Knife, and Claymore fighters can dogfight enemy ships, Broadswords can bomb, Axes can hit targets on the ground, Bokkens can perform recon, Gulls, Pelicans, and Petrel Dropships can deploy troops, attack VTOLs can harass enemy forces near the ground, and Petrel Gunships can support infantry from high above. While many of the ships cannot perform certain tasks, the sheer variety makes up for this.


The vast majority of the 32nd is attached to the UNSC Zeus-class Super Carrier New York, the flagship of Taskforce Arrow. Indeed, 437 out of 575 are onboard it. The remainder of the ships, mostly Pelican dropships and Katanas, are placed aboard five Heimdall-class Frigates and two Thor-class Cruisers. Each ship carries it's standard complement, and the 32nd is really just the combination of all of the craft carried by the Taskforce.