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359 Armored Division
Unit Background



750 Mythos Personell

Unit Motto


Unit size

75 Mythos,

Current Commander

General Leo Jackhammer

Current Status



The 359th Armored was a unit commishioned in 2552 under the command of General Leo Jackhammer consisting entirely of Mythos Mobile Artillery. It had seventy five mythos at its disposal, and was the only unit to have so many. The 359th saw limited use, but did serve in the Coldsnap campaign, as well as the Artic IV campaign. During the Artic IV campaign, it wad deployed to the surface using dropships, and provided fire support for UNSC forces battling with Artic IV Alliance soldiers. The artillery was highly useful for the troops on the ground. The 359th was crewed by 750 mythos personnel, and was extremely effective at dishing out tremendous amounts of destruction.