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The 38th Ranger Expeditionary Force (38th REDF), nicknamed "38 Ranger", was a UNSC Ranger Corps expeditionary force and joint strike force attached to UNSC Special Operations Command Centauri (UNSCSOCCEN) and active in the Sol Theater of Operations, specifically on the colony Earth, the Human homeworld and UNSC capital planet.

38 Ranger EDF was a versatile multirole task force comprised of six Ranger special forces airborne regiments, two armored tank regiments, and a single aircraft wing, symbolizing the Ranger Corps's amorphous and fluid structure, with the integration of various specialized forces into a single cohesive unit that operated in the battlespace. During the Human-Covenant War, 38 Ranger EDF would participate in UNSC special warfare combat actions on Earth, and one airborne infantry detachment, Ranger 38/6 C ("Ranger Force 38, Battalion 6, Company C"), would become distinguished in conspicuous gallantry for actions in the Battle of Cambridge, where wounded Ranger operators volunteered to participate in a search-and-rescue mission for overwhelmed UNSCSOCOM comrades. The fierce fighting would claim the lives of a whole platoon of Rangers, who had willingly given their lives to prevent their comrades from falling into enemy hands and being tortured at the hands of the Brutes. Captain Kishi, the platoon commander, would be decorated after the War for his unwavering dedication to the rescue of his comrades, and for directing his platoon, even while wounded. Task Force Ranger's actions in Cambridge would lead to the escape of an entire UNSCSOCOM special warfare company and the recovery of wounded Marine long-range reconnaissance operators and civilian refugee convoys.

38 Ranger would later participate in the Necros War.

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