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The 3rd General Reactionary Unit, also known as GRU, is a Counter-terrorism unit specialized in asymmetrical warfare. They are often deployed against enemy strongholds or any other large group of enemy combatants. The name of the GRU might be a little confusing, the GRU is a sector of special forces, however the number of the GRU detachment dictates it's function. In this case the function being, asymmetrical warfare.


All though sharing a similar acronym to the Russian Intelligence Directorate, they have distinctly dissimilar roles. First founded in 2499 by the United Nations in order to combat growing ever-expanding terror threats. The purpose of the group was to quickly and efficiently react upon a moments notice. Because of this, they were nicknamed the 'Minutemen' as they could mobilize their attack force in a very short amount of time. Among the 5 total subunits the 3rd became the most known because of their small numbers and their ability to make militant groups to all but evaporate. At the time of their conception, they were commanded by Brigadier General Grant Imahara. The 3rd's first mission was to exterminate a milita group known simply as the People's Army. A group of 25 took on a militia who's numbers were pushing 400. The operation was a vital success as it proved the usefulness of the tactics and methods deployed by the 3rd.

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