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405th Marine Division

October 18th, 2345 - Present

  • United Nations Space Command

UNSC Marine Corps




Locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver.




Diego Garcia


Humanity's Heroes


Peace through Sacrifice

  • Battle of Earth
  • Battle of Installation 05
  • Battle of the Ark

Maj. Gen. Nicolas Strauss


The 405th Marine Division is division of the UNSC Marine Corps based out of Diego Garcia. The unit has served as one of Earth's primary marine defense units since their introduction into the United Nations Space Command in winter of 2345.

They are best known for their actions during the Battle of Earth in 2552.



The 405th Marine Division was formed on October 18, 2345 following the merger of two military units of the now defunct United States Marine Corps. The unit was initially activated to serve as a defense force for Earth and its in-system colonies. The unit utilised numerous dropship variants that allowed for easy travel of the predominantly light infantry forces. The 405th would also serve during the Inner Colony Wars and later in the Insurrection.

Human-Covenant War

The 405th Division would play an important role during the Human-Covenant War, with subordinate units serving during the Battle of Hat Yai and Harvest Campaign. The 18th Marine Infantry Regiment helped retake the northern pole of Harvest in 2531, a victory which allowed for the UNSC to regain control of the planet. The 5th and 6th Rifle Battalions of that same unit would also fight during Battle of Jericho VII soon afterward. Multiple regiments of the division would also be assigned to numerous colony worlds during the first Covenant attacks on the inner colonial systems in the 2540's. A small contigincy of units would also fight during the Battle of Ballast in 2551 and later during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. The 405th managed to suffer minimal casualties during the Fall of Reach, as only three companies of marines ahd been assigned there. Only several weeks later, the 405th would face their biggest challenge yet, the Battle of Earth.

Battle of Earth


Members of the 17th Marine Regiment insert into Old Mombasa

During the initial Covenant assault of Earth on October 22, 2552, the 405th would be the first unit to respond to the attack on New Mombasa. Three of the division's regiments, the 17th Infantry, 506th Tank, and the 77th Infantry would launch a counter-strike on Covenant forces in the city. Two companies of Marines from the 17th Infantry Regimnet would be transferred to the UNSC In Amber Clad after the "successful" recapturing of the city center. The 17th Infatry Regiment would then battle alongside the 7th Shock Troopers Battalion during the Battle of Installation 05 on November 3, 2552. Nearly the whole regiment was wiped out by the flood infestation on the Halo.

Meanwhile on Earth, the remaining 405th units would be forced to flee Diego Garcia during its glassing and rejoin Marines in various theaters of operation across Northern America, East Afria, and the Pacific Coast. The 32nd Armored Regiment would help retake Chicago on November 12, with the 22nd Brigade Assault Team also helping battles in northern Canada. The 405th returned to East Africa on November 14, 2552 to help in the planned mission to assault the town of Voi. The unit then regrouped during the Flood attack on the town and would later stay behind to defend Earth with Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood. The unit has since remained active.

1 Stacker

The 22nd Brigade fighting outside Chicago, URNA

Subordinate Units

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