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Monitor Icon
433 Sparky Cus
Biographical information
Began service 

123,017 BC (Military Calender)

Ended service 

End of Heretic: Darkest Before Dawn or Somewhere in Heretic: Destined

Physical description

N/A Male Voice

Normal color


  • Blue (Normal)
  • Red (Rampant)
  • Silver (Casing)
Political information and functions
  • Forerunner
  • Heretics
Primary Function

(As Monitor) *Study and Contain the Flood (As Heretic) *Aid the Minister of Exploration in his mission

Notable Battles

433 Sparky Cus is a monitor of the Forerunner. He is the Ex-Monitor of a Shield World. He aids the Heretics in Heretic: Darkest Before Dawn. He also aids the Minister of Exploration in Heretic: Darkest Before Dawn with his mission of revenge.

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