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485th Infantry Regiment





Infantry Unit


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"Burning Bastards"


He who endures will conquer"


The 485th Infantry Regiment is a UNSC unit comprised of 3,200 troops, attached the UNSC Taskforce Arrow, under the command of Admiral James McHenry.


The 485th was formed in 2606 and was comprised primarily of raw recruits, made specifically for the newly bolstered Taskforce Arrow. The majority of its number was placed aboard the UNSC Zeus-class Super Carrier New York, which carried 2,200 of the troops. The remainder were spread out over five frigates, 200 per ship. The 485th's first battle was a small skirmish, when smugglers entered Gundark orbit, hoping to ship stolen arms right under the UNSC's nose. This happened in mid 2606, and two frigates were sent to intercept. 400 troops boarded the pair of smuggling craft, subduing a small group of around a dozen smugglers in a show of utter overkill.

The 485th continued to serve, through the years, but was dispersed when Taskforce Arrow was disbanded with the retirement of Amdiral James McHenry.


The 485th was organized into five battalions of 640 troops, which were each split into 4 companies of 160. These were further organized into 4 platoons of 40, and 4 squads of ten, which were split into two fireteams of 5.

Notable Personell

  • Staff Seargent Malick Avery
Status: KIA
Report: Served in combat on Kanna and was killed after leaping atop a grenade to save squad and non combat personell
Further Facts: Joined military 2605, killed in action 2607
  • Colonel Terrick Manson
Status: Retired
Report: Served in all 485th Battles, retired in 2639, after serving in other units
Further Facts: Joined military 2588
  • (Former) Corporal Henry Gorvanev
Status: Active
Report: Was assigned to 485th out of boot, became minor hero with his squad at Kanna, volunteered for spearhead assault on Kanna.
Further Facts: Joined military 2605, Green Squad Desginated Marksmen, Preferred high pentration snipers, entered Green Squad command in 2607