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501th EABT Division
Unit Background

Vacuum Combat/Boarding Action/Extra Vehicular Warfare

Unit Motto

Into the Darkness

Unit size

5,000 EABTs

Current Commander

General Vladmeer Antog

Subordinate Units

Toon S-I

Current Status



The 514th EABT Division was one of the rare EABT groups to be used during the human-covenant war. They were created in 2537 to fight in the battles of the war, and in 2540 they went operational. Since they are EABTs, they were trained on EABT Military Headquarters, where they received top training in zero-g combat, mathematics, and navigation. They were originally assigned to the UNSC Troy, but after it was destroyed, they were reassinged to the UNSC Hammerfist. The 514th was one of the best EABT divisions, and are an extremely capable force. They are experts in all zero-g vacuum combat, and are always ready to take the fight to the covenant and board their ships. Since the 514th was assigned to the Hammerfist, it has primarily fought rebel troops in orbit, as well as fight in vacuum to repel external covenant boarders. They have on rare occasions boarded covenant ships, but usually they had to evacuate, as it was prime response of the covenant to destroy captured ships. The 501th participated in the battle of Artic IV, but their actions are currently classified. The only known toon inside the 514th is the Toon S-I, whose leader is Sergeant Jackson Williams, the brother of the well known Jace Williams.