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5th ODST Battalion

September 25h, 2494 - January 7th, 2554

Main - Factions
United Nations Space Command Defense Force



Shock infantry

  • Special reconnaissance
  • Direct action
  • Asymmetric/unconventional warfare
Part of

105th ODST Division

The Insurrection
  • Operation: TREBUCHET
  • National Holiday
  • The Scyllion Raid
Human-Covenant War
  • Battle of Earth
"I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion..."
―Captain Faison Copalli, 7/5 ST

The 5th Shock Troops Battalion, shortened as 5th Battalion and once referred to as the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit, was a UNSC Marine Corps Shock Infantry, a subordinate unit to the 105th ODST Division and one of the seven constituents of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare. Commissioned in mid-2518, the 5th Battalion was one of many UNSC's active participants throughout the course of the Insurrection, and the Human-Covenant War.


The 5th Shock Troops Battalion was a unit of the 105th Marine Expeditionary Force, now known as the 105th Shock Troops Division as of 2521, during the Insurrection, activated on September 25th, 2518 and originally referred to as the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

The 5th Battalion was part of the then-experimental 105th MEF, participating in numerous direct action scenarios and performing long range reconnaissance patrols throughout the Insurrection theatre. The operations and scenarios they had participated gave them the necessary experiences and skills which later proved advantageous during the early stages of the Human-Covenant War.

Service history

Most of the operations assigned to the Shock Troops Battalion are kept classified and would remained undisclosed to the public. Several operations, however, of significant public interest such as the ones that occurred during the Insurrection. Known operations and deployments include:

Operation: TREBUCHET

Activated during the course of the Operation, the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit was quickly put into the test of effectiveness and rate of success/completion by the UNSC's Brass. Composing of only 14 fireteams of 100 troopers, the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit was first deployed into Madrigal which has been occupied by the Eridanus Rebellion for several decades ever since Operation: TREBUCHET started. The fireteams's initial plan was to obtain vital intelligence regarding enemy movement and supply as well as potential leaders operating within the vicinity of the mission. Soon after, the UNSC override the mission and updated it with the following: Liberate the cities from the Rebels while protecting the infrastructures as supports for possible future UNSC deployment and establishment of ground installations.

Though around two fireteams were eliminated during the course of the newly-updated mission, the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit successfully accomplished their mission and managed to liberate more than a third of the planet's population centres with proper planning and thought-out deployment of the UNSC Marines whose task is to redirect enemy attention from damaging the infrastructures. Later in mid-2520, Madrigal became one of many UNSC's key planets responsible for troop deployment and organisation of fleets that would later end Operation: TREBUCHET.

National Holiday

On May 28th, 2522, the luxury liner starship, National Holiday, on a charter tour departing for Arcadia was hijacked by militiamen of the Insurrectionists. Three days later, the liner was stormed by shock troopers of the 19th Battalion, who killed the hijackers. The 5th Battalion provided support during the ordeal.

The Scyllion Raid

The Scyllion Raid was an ONI-led operation that revolved around illegal possession of Covenant weaponry by the Insurrectionist, later made available to the local public of Charybdis IX. The outcome of the raid provided crucial intelligence of the source of the Covenant weaponry, though the planet eventually fell to the Covenant.



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