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6th Platoon, Company A, First Battalion, 168th Regiment
Unit Background



6 squads

Unit size

46 soldiers

Current Commander

1st Lieutenant Mike Ivanni

Current Status

Inactive: General regiment merged into another regiment



6th Platoon, Company A, First Battalion, 168th Regiment was a UNSC unit during the Battle of Harvest.

After recruited in 2525 and having finished training in 2526, they were sent up to the front lines on Harvest. Half of them fought in the Battle of Hill-H861.


  • Platoon Leader: 1st Lieutenant Mike Ivanni
  • Executive Leader: Sergeant Major J. Bradley

First squad

  • Sergeant Major J. Bradley[1]
  • Corporal Andrew Smith
  • Lance Corporal Eddy Bortoluzzi[2]
  • Lance Corporal Frank Hannigan[3]
  • Private First Class Craig Allen
  • Private Keith Bailey[4]
  • Private Pitori Kovalenko[5]
  • Private Matthew Onalow

Second squad

  • Staff Sergeant Gerald Webb[6]
  • Lance Corporal Jon Richter[7]
  • Private First Class Al Bunsen[8]
  • Private First Class Phynn Garland
  • Private First Class Deborah Miller[9]
  • Private Olaf Hienreich
  • Private Gregori T. Karamatchov[10]

Third squad

  • Gunnery Sergeant Alex Browne
  • Corporal James Walker[11]
  • Private First Class Elvis McNew
  • Private Stephen Jacre
  • Private Ablan Johnson[12]
  • Private Freud Martin[13]
  • Private Kennith "Ken" Ward[14]

Fourth squad

  • 1st Lieutenant Mike Ivanni
  • Sergeant Robert Dunbar
  • Corporal Jonah Cartre
  • Corporal David King
  • Lance Corporal Tom Scott
  • Private First Class Sarah Baker
  • Private Tony Baloch
  • Private Julio Hernandez

Fifth squad

  • Warrant Officer Billy Montague[15]
  • Sergeant Robert "Rob" Panentzki
  • Corporal Chris Guth[16]
  • Lance Corporal Flying Bird "Bill" Je'e'lacho[17]
  • Private First Class Hussein O'Somo
  • Private Jouche DuChampois[18]
  • Private Izumo Watanabe[19]

Sixth squad

  • Staff Sergeant Carwood Crisen[20]
  • Corporal Jack Penkala[21]
  • Corporal Henry Skoltz
  • Lance Corporal Roberto Feaux[22]
  • Lance Corporal Gerald Springfield
  • Private First Class Kennith "Kenny" Roberts
  • Private First Class Christopher "Chris" Yagamichi

References and notes

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