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757 Lasting Birth is a highly advanced but corrupted Monitor left in charge of Factory Installation 39-46 by the Forerunner Theos after her death by the Halo Array. Birth's primary goal was to produce Avias in such quantities that they would be able to fight the parasite whilst his secondary goal was to prevent the growth of the Flood by eliminating any hosts. While Theos wanted the potential hosts to be retrieved and placed into Slipspace Pods, Birth had changed the Avias parameters to simply killing the uninfected hosts.


Built by Theos's bond-mate, Maritus (who had died fighting the Flood), 757 Lasting Birth had been around with Theos for some time, assisting her as she created the Huragok and then later the Avias. Because of this Birth has been around for some 101,526 Earth years and was seen over 890 trillion generations of Avias born in that time including the birth of the First, its subsequent mass reproduction and eventual death. Over the 100,000-odd years, Birth has slowly became rampant seeing his role as the savior of the galaxy believing that the Flood were still at large across the entire Milky Way Galaxy while they were only mainly present in the Fourth Quarter (under Federal stellar cartography) with minor incursions sprouting up in the other three quarters.

The Flood Outbreak

As Lasting Birth was confined to Factory Installation 39-46, little did he know that the Flood had been released from Installation 03 from an unknown alien species. The Flood managed to escape the confines of the Installation fleeing from their Sentinel masters aboard the craft and back to the alien homeworld. There the Flood did what it did best and infected an entire alien population turning the planet into a breeding planet.

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