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77th Airborne Regiment

10/12/2548 -


United Nations Space Command






Airborne Infantry Combat




Fly Fly


77th Airborne


Pelicans Entering An LZ


77th On An LZ

The 77th was created when the UNSC wanted to create fast attack units that could penetrate deep into Covenant lines. This idea had been shot down many times with the reasons of the unit would be quickly massacred when surrounded by Covenant forces and superior weaponry. However as the war dragged on HIGHCOM gave the green light. Soon the 77th was put together taking experienced officers that had combat experience. The 77th is made up of three infantry battalions, two of which are Marines and the third being ODST. In each Battalion are three companies which have three platoons each. The 77th does not have its own transportaion, instead it depends on another unit to provide airlift. In total to move the 77th it takes at least 155 Pelicans to move the 3240 strong regiment.

Halo3 diorama 03371

77th in Hanabira

After the Human-Covenant War the 77th would stay active and be involved in the Necros Wars.

Below is the organization of the 77th.

77TH AIRBORNE REGIMENT - Lieutenant Colonel John Winters (Human Covenant War) - Lieutenant Colonel Chris Locklear (Necros War)

  • 1ST BATTALION - Marines - Major Bryan Hatanaka (Human Covenant War) - Major Sarah Brightman (Necros War)
    • A Company - Combat - Captain Ryan Harvey (Human Covenant War) - Captain Sean Davis (Necros War)
      • 1st Platoon
      • 2nd Platoon
      • 3rd Platoon
    • B Company - Combat - Captain William O'Neal (Human Covenant War) - Captain Yasmin Donald (Necros War)
      • 1st Platoon
      • 2nd Platoon
      • 3rd Platoon
    • C Company - Support - Captain Paul Kim (Human Covenant War) - Captain Andrew Childs (Necros War)
      • 1st Platoon - Heavy Weapons
      • 2nd Platoon - Anti-Armor
      • 3rd Platoon - Recon

  • 2ND BATTALION - Marines - Major Aaron Stewart (Human Covenant War) - Major Jack Richards (Necros War)
    • D Company - Combat - Captain Travis Baker (Human Covenant War) - Captain Irvine Pepper (Necros War)
      • 1st Platoon - Jon Chin (Human Covenant War)
      • 2nd Platoon
      • 3rd Platoon
    • E Company - Support - Captain Greg Talley (Human Covenant War) - Captain Michael Wright (Necros War)
      • 1st Platoon - Heavy Weapons
      • 2nd Platoon - Anti-Armor
      • 3rd Platoon - Recon
    • F Company - Combat - Captain Lauren Moore (Human Covenant War) - Captain Kelly Williams (Necros War)
      • 1st Platoon
      • 2nd Platoon
      • 3rd Platoon

  • 3RD BATTALION - ODST - Major Greg Owen (Human Covenant War) - Major David Grady (Necros War)
    • G Company - Combat - Captain Ben Errington (Human Covenant War) - Captain Sarah Boyce (Necros War)
      • 1st Platoon
      • 2nd Platoon
      • 3rd Platoon
    • H Company - Combat - Captain Bryan Trust (Human Covenant War) - Captain John Colven (Necros War)
      • 1st Platoon - Lieutenant Joshua Bast (Necros War)
      • 2nd Platoon
      • 3rd Platoon
    • I Company - Support - Captain Chris Locklear (Human Covenant War) - Captain Le Be Son (Necros War)

Halo3 panoramaA 118

77th In Hanabira

Combat History


ODST of G/3/77th landing near Feather Mountains

The 77th Airborne Regiment saw its first combat on planet Hera in the largest airborne operation since the beginning of the Human-Covenant War. The Regiment, brought planet side by the UNSC Nal Gae, was dropped into Rose Valley near the Feather Mountains. The objective of the 77th was to drop into Rose Valley and move into the Feather Mountains and gain elevated ground above Hera's second largest city, Hanabira. Once they took the high ground they would advance into the city to recapture to the city.

During the operation the 77th was moved into Rose Valley in three waves. The first wave consisted of 3rd Battalion. To fly in the first wave it took forty-eight Pelicans to bring in all the troops and supplies. A squadron of Hornets flew air cover as heavy fighting broke out as 3rd Battalion tried to move away from the LZ (Landing Zone) and towards the base of the Feather Mountains. 3rd faced heavy fighting with increasing casualties as they waited an hour before 1st Battalion would be dropped in as the second wave. Once 1st was on the ground with fresh soldiers and supplies the 77th began to push into the mountains and away from the LZ. Once 2nd Battalion came in as the third wave they would be on point as the 77th made their way up the mountain. Once the mountain was under control the 77th turned their sights to the second part of the operation. To recapture Hanabira 3rd Battalion would lead the assault going at the center while 2nd attacked on the city's left flank. 1st Battalion moved its way to the rear of the city to cut off the Covenant's retreat.

During the attack the infamous "Purple Heart Bridge" took place in which Delta company took heavy casualties while trying to cross a bridge that extended over the Han River that separated Hanabira in the north and south section.

Another scene was the "Crucifiction" where 2nd Platoon of Bravo Company and the regiment's chaplin was kept pinned down in a church in the outskirts of Hanabira. During the fight 2nd Platoon and the chaplin held off legion after legion of Covenant forces as they tried to retreat from the city. 2nd Platoon took heavy casualties while miraculously the Church's cross was unharmed.

The entire operation was a success but had a casualty rate of 55% either KIA or WIA.

After Hanabira the 77th would be involved with other battles on Earth and other planets at the end of the Human-Covenant War. The 77th would be deployed to take out rebels and any remnants of Covenant Loyalists.

During the Battle of Kanna the 77th was present in the relief force and made an airborne drop into Danels City were they held and recaptured the city from Brute control. During that time the 77th assisted the rescue and evecuation of a nearby Frigate that had crashed in the city, two platoons were sent and evecauted the crew under fire. A second downed ship, a prowler, crashlanded in the forested area near the city, a LRRP team was sent to recover the two crew and the AI. When the LRRP team made contact with the crew one had already been killed by Brute pursuers shortly after they were ambushed resulting in the capture of three LRRP members as well as the last crew and the AI. The two remaining LRRPs were badly wounded but survived.


Team Two-Three (transferred into the 77th after the end of the Human-Covenant War)

Pierce Hae-jin Hayase (Member of Team Two-Three)

Tsubasa "Wing" Yamato (Member of Team Two-Three)

Hanako Asahina (Nurse while 77th took action on two planets after the Human-Covenant War)

Jon Chin

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