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79th Cruiser Squadron



Naval squadron


8 Cruisers


"Bow down to the Seventy-Ninth."


The 79th Cruiser Squadron is a subordinate unit within the UNSC Navy. It is often revered for its superior firepower and crew as all crewmen and women are picked from other units, meaning there are no rookies in the unit. The unit's superiority can be traced back to when it notably became the first squadron to operate a Halcyon-class Cruiser outside of training routines and the third to do so with a Marathon-class.


Current Composition (2597-2617+)Edit


  • Seven ships currently in the squadron have names influenced by Romeo & Juliet.
    • Escalus: last name of the Prince of Verona and Mercutio.
    • Tybalt: cousin of Juliet.
    • Apothecary: SPOILER ALERT
    • Laurence: Friar at local church.
    • Capulet: family in which Juliet and Tybalt live.
    • Rosaline: SPOILER ALERT
    • Montague: family in which Romeo and Benvolio live.
  • The 79th was the seventh to field a Bishamonten-class Large Cruiser.
  • Many nicknamed the squadron the seventh wonder of the naval world.