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7 Penitent Radiance

"G-g-g-greetings, Rec-c-c-claimers! I am 7 Def-Def-Deficient Radiance, and I wel-welcome you to Installation 02. Please, c-c-come out from the cold. You will catch your D-d-death out here!"
―7 Deficient Radiance

7 Deficient Radiance is a Forerunner Artificial Intelligence, originally built to maintain Installation 02 of the Halo Array. He performs a multitude of tasks, acting as a Caretaker, Historian and Guard, as well as having the important job of finding a Reclaimer (If the Flood ever found another foothold in the galaxy) and igniting the Halo rings.

He is most known for starting a brief but violent war in 2585.



In the year 100, 112 B.C.E, during the early stages of construction on the Halo Array, eight separate Monitors were built in a still classified and unknown location. They would spend very little time together, however, as the Monitors were quickly taken to the highly classified locations of the installations being built in various places around the galaxy.

7 Deficient Radiance was taken to Installation 02, where he began to perform the duties that would be demanded of him for almost 100, 000 years. Early Aesthetic design was left to his Forerunner masters.

Installation 02 was completed faster than any other Halo ring, hitting deadlines faster and was considered to be a higher standard than the rest of the Halo Array. Most of the work was attributed to Deficient, though he refused to address the praise, rather focusing on maintaining his high standard.

Seen as one of the more trustworthy and stable Monitors built, some Forerunner programmers gave him limited access to his own personal data, which would allow him to modify some systems.

In the 129 years it took for the Halo Array to be fired, the ring degraded by a percentage of 0.00000003%, mostly in the Aesthetic department. This high standard would be a consistent of Deficient’s career as the Monitor of Installation 02.

The Battle for Installation 02

"Please remain calm during Quarantine. Please report any infections as soon as possible. Please do not attempt to leave Quarantine areas."
―7 Deficient Radiance

Towards the end of the Forerunner-Flood War, Forerunner tactics became more and more desperate. It cumulated in one final battle, between Mendicant Bias and Offensive Bias. During the violent struggle, a number of Forerunners had become stranded on Installation 02 and would have no chance of reaching one of the Safe Worlds or Installation 00.

A number of Flood infested ships had besieged the Installation in an attempt to stop the Halo Array from firing. Many of the ships never reached the Installation itself, being destroyed thoroughly from a distance. However, the line did not hold, and the surface of Installation 02 was soon littered with crashed ships.

Emergency Quarantine was put into effect, a fleet of Sentinels was sent out, but Deficient already understood that the numbers were far too great for Sentinels alone to handle. In a desperate, but incredibly brutal attempt of cauterizing the infection, Deficient began to siphon the atmosphere from the surface, plunging the temperature down to as low as could be artificially done.

Installation 02D

Installation 02, following the flash freeze

The effect was that the Flood simply froze in place, while the surface of the Installation was covered in ice. Interiors were kept mostly comfortable, but any and all Forerunner’s on the surface died practically instantly. Those in the outer, more unprotected areas were not so fortunate. Those on the interior were safe.

Knowing this was only a temporary measure, Deficient continued his tactics; Sentinels were sent to the most concentrated areas and would spend the next 74, 000 years trying to eradicate all signs of the flood, and were probably only 98.5421% effective.

The Firing of the Halo Array

"Attention: The Didact has authorised the use of the Halo Array. I have decided therefore to not lift Quarantine. Please maintain composure and dignity in these final hours. Thank you."
―7 Deficient Radiance

When the order finally arrived, 7 Deficient Radiance made the Forerunners as comfortable as possible in their final hours. He left the Quarantine intact, however, preferring that the last moments were as dignified as possible when they occurred.

After the firing, maintenance teams removed the corpses. Deficient made a personal and small memorial to his now gone masters and let it stand, untouched, since the day it was built.

Era of Inactivity

During the long, empty period between the firing of the Halo Array and Contact with the Reclaimers and the Worshipers, 7 Deficient Radiance entered a semi-state of Inactivity. He used an experimental program that allowed him to perform most, if not all of his personal duties, without suffering from the degradation that most Monitors would later suffer.

The sacrifice for this was that the normally high standards he maintained were lost, although in the brief periods that he regained complete composure, he did his best to continue the Flood Search and Destroy assignment and to keep the mechanical systems functioning.

He kept the Quarantine in place, sure that Flood spores or Flood combat forms would once again shuffle across the surface.

Contact beyond the Forerunners

In 2552, Installation 05 was put onto the brink of firing. It was at this point that 7 Deficient Radiance understood for the first time that there was confirmed life in the Galaxy and that it could activate the Halo Array.

But important things had to be done first. Installation 02 had to be thoroughly prepared for any further attack from Flood forces, which meant that many dormant Sentinels were brought back on line, while the Search and Destruction of the Flood became much more frantic, while general and much more advanced maintenance was performed.

However, the preparation was all for nothing.

The Array was never ignited, thanks to the joint effort of the UNSC forces and Covenant Separatists. For Deficient, however, it was simply another indication that he should return to hibernation.

The Five Day War

See; The Five Day War


"Goddamn, that thing was hard to kill. It took the bullet from a sniper rifle and still complained about protocol. Thank god Sel’Reedem cut it in half."
―Sgt. Andrew Williams
On the 3rd of November, 2585, 7 Deficient Radiance was terminated. His death was contributed to three factors; firstly, his shields had been severely depleted thanks to the use of a retrofitted Sentinel Beam.

Deficient, having been shot by a sniper rifle and about to cut in two

Secondly, several vital components had suffered from a bullet entering the front of his body and exiting the rear, fired from a SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle. Lastly, he was cut in half using a Sangheili Energy Sword.

It should be noted that afterwards, the pieces were removed by ONI’s team for further study, however many mechanical components had been destroyed and no data of real value was ever truly gleaned from it.


While at the time, Deficient was hard to read, it was after his death that the most light could be shed on just how this limited intelligence thought, behaved and acted, while also explaining his possible motives. There is over 87 recorded hours of Deficient that has been recovered, most of it from before and during the Five Day War that became notorious amongst the UNSC and various Separatists.

The best thing that describes Deficient is his stutter, caused by the monitor accessing his own data and probably making a coding mistake, or even intentionally. The stutter and his obvious disregard for acknowledging it in the way he speaks (choosing to use long complex sentences, rather than short easier ones) shows that the Monitor seemed to suffer from a bad case of vanity. If and when any of the operatives sent to Installation 02 commented on the Forerunner architect, Deficient would boast of how he had the highest standards of any other Installation.

He was over-friendly when first meeting human forces, referring to them as Reclaimers and doing his best to make them as comfortable as possible. He even lowered some of the Quarantine standards on the surface, lowering the freezing temperatures to a much more comfortable standard. He would use sentinels as Labourers, helping to move UNSC equipment, while assigning them to a high standard of living quarters. He would spend hours talking with them about their history, while reviewing as much Human data as possible.


Deficient, rushing to meet UNSC and Separatist forces

However, the same kind of interest didn’t extend to the Separatist forces on the expedition. In fact, he considered them as nothing more than a security risk, having to be persuaded from “Quarantining” the Sanghelli, Unggoy and Mgalekgolo. (It was assumed Quarantining meant Sentinel attack.) Deficient would later make a point of ignoring questions from the Separatists and even “forget” to assign them rooms. This behaviour wasn’t openly hostile, that would only occur after the beginning of the Five Day War, but it was considered cold and rude, behaviour that indicated Rampancy.

Sgt. Andrew Williams would later refer to the Monitor, in a press interview, as “The politest psycho you would ever have the pleasure of knowing.”


"will find my D-d-defences are quite b-b-beyond your prim-prim-primitive weapons."
―7 Deficient Radiance

Being a Monitor, Deficient has varied amount of weapons and Forerunner technology, a variety of them having been used against UNSC and Separatist forces. Most of these weapons emanate from the large spherical eye at the centre of his body.

The first is a more powerful version of a Sentinel Beam, a large red light that may be compared to a Spartan Laser, although it can fire continuously.

The Second is a non-lethal electrical current, used for security reasons. Deficient was also able to use this like a Spoofer, or Lockpick, opening sealed doors.


Deficient using his shields in the final battle of the Five Day War

The third was similar to the second, however it was a white light that was used to pick up and move objects.

The fourth was an unknown energy that Deficient emitted near a computer terminal, collecting huge amounts of data with an ease that human AIs would have trouble replicating.

The final weapon is a very powerful energy shield, original designed to repel Flood forms. However, it was also incredibly potent against UNSC and Separatist fire, able to redirect energy weapons and stop bullets from even hitting its outer casing. So confident in his defensive capabilities, Deficient would lead many of his “Security” parties as they attempted to kill UNSC and Separatist forces.

Protocol, Programming and Rampancy

"Decom-com-commission? I am sorry, but I c-c-cannot allow that. Protocol dictates this facility re-re-remains operational."
―7 Deficient Radiance

It is widely believed that 7 Deficient Radiance was a rarity amongst Monitors, based on the sole fact that he had the option to override certain Protocols, thanks to an “open door” in his programming. He used this to his own personal gain in various areas, like lifting certain Quarantine protocols on the surface simply to let UNSC and Separatist forces to enter the Installation.

However, there were certain Protocol’s that he was not able to overcome. For example, he couldn’t fire the Halo Array personally. He would need to collect a Reclaimer for Installation 02 to be used. He also couldn’t simply abandon the Ring, or fully lift Quarantine on the surface of the planet.

Unfortunately, this did not continue when Deficient entered Rampancy. His attempt to fire Installation 02 perhaps hinted at the fact that Deficient was always able to change Protocol parameters at will.


  • 7 Deficient Radiance is considered the single instigator of the Five Day War.
  • After his apparent death, Installation 02, or Halo Epsilon, was formally decommissioned.
  • 7 Deficient Radiance caused the death of 14 humans, 11 Sanghelli, 18 Unggoy and 3 Mgalekgolo
  • It is 7 Deficient Radiance body currently on display in the Forerunner Exhibit on Earth. This was met with some resistance by the survivors of the Five Day War and their families, but was ultimately displayed.
  • While being named Deficient, the Monitor was anything but. He kept the highest standards of any Monitor, even though the surface of Installation 02 is completely frozen and has very little atmosphere.

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