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Conceptually, the United Nations Space Command Defense Forces' 7th Army was conceived in late 2535 after the fall of Jericho VII, a major military staging area and borderworld to the inner colonies. Fearing the Covenant's inevitable push into the inner colonies and the subsequent systematic destruction of the most heavily-inhabited worlds, HIGHCOM envisioned a different approach to planetary defense. Augmented by newly-fielded Grid-aligned Orbital Defense Super MAC Stations (GODSMACS), a hybrid force with ground troops capable of wide-scale repulsion against a superior enemy was for the first time, possible.

Code-named, OPERATION: VALKYRIE, the Admiralty began laying the ground work for this new defense echelon as early as the 2540s, though no formal documentation exists detailing exactly when commencement began. Early endeavors in standing up this new field command included mass diversion of funds, ONI-sponsored research/screening of highly-qualified field-grade officers and enlisted recruits (to include ODST wash-outs), and devising top-tier training regimes and school houses for the new force, based out of the Reach Military Complex, planet Reach. The UESC's (United Earth Space Corps (Marines)) contribution to the total concept was the training program, brought on line in March, 2547, with its first class graduating at 100% accession after a 6-month curriculum focused mainly on guerilla warfare tactics, covert sabotage techniques, Level Five Surgery and improvised battlefield triage qualifications among various other skill sets. Commanders in the grade of O-4 (Major) and higher in the 7th Army had to complete WARS (Wide-Area Repulsion School), which breeds remarkably effective and respected commanders upon graduation. They are masters in their profession and some of the best combat leaders in the military at tactical and sub-strategic levels.

Upon the first class of one-hundred soldiers and five officers taking post at Reach, they were immediately assigned a Tenant Training Unit (TTU) role and diverted to distant colonies which had not yet been glassed by the Covenant, educating host units in WAR. As detailed by administrative surveys, HIGHCOMM reported 52% decrease in military personnel casualties and an astounding 60% decrease in civilian casualties on worlds whose inhabitable continents had 7th Army units as the permier defense force. Funding was increased three-fold to the 7th Army Command in Q2, FY2550.

By late 2551, a reported two-hundred colonies had fully-equipped, fully-staffed 7th Army units in all quadrants of their worlds (one regiment per standard-size continent). The Admiralty noted a high increase in Covenant casualties and equipment turnovers due in large part to 7th Army operations.*

The original unit trained one last army in defense of Reach before permanent reassignment to Earth, where they were called to action during the first Covenant wave of late 2552 after less than one month of taking residence there.

  • It should be noted that the host units were only successful/survivable if Covenant warships did not/could not deploy orbital bombardment.

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