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Alien Fighter Design
Production information
Technical specifications
  • 2 heavy fuel rod cannons
  • 6 Weapon Pods
  • Pilot
  • Copilot

Necros War




The A-114 Malakhim is a USR ground attack craft.


The Malakhim was developed by the Justiciars, based on technology stolen from the Covenant, which in turn was recovered from Forerunner sources. While originally a drone design, the missing pieces of the design was filled in by native technology, and adapted for close support. The Malakhim was deployed as soon as possible and proved to be a heavier alternative to the Banshee, when enemy ground fire was simply too heavy. When an assault on a fortified position begins, along with Jinn bombers, the Malakhim is first in, to soften up enemy air defences.

The Malakhim is a specialised in atmosphere fighter, used to support ground troops in close air support. The fighter has two inbuilt fuel rod cannons, capable of high rates of fire, which are used to devastate armour on the ground. To support this, it has six pylons on the wings capable of carrying a variety of bombs capable of devastating ground forces, and can be guided in by teams on the ground to hit buildings or static targets. The crew of two can engage a variety of ground targets with increasing lethality.

The Malakhim is very well armoured and shielded, allowing it to strike targets without fear of the retribution getting it. The Malakhim also has an advanced sensor suit, allowing it to act in suppression of enemy air defence missions. This allows it to pave the way for other fighters. The Malakhim's advance range of sensors are only matched by its advanced range of counter measures, being capable of confusing incoming munitions and ground based sensors.

UNSC Remarks

Notable Squadrons

  • Malakhim Squadron

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