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40px-Terminal.png This article, A-83-01, was written by RelentlessRecusant. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
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The chemical structure of A-83-01.

A-83-01, IUPAC name 3-(6-Methylpyridin-2-yl)-1-phenylthiocarbamoyl-4-quinolin-4-ylpyrazole, is a small-molecule chemical inhibitor of Type I TGFβ receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK), specifically inhibiting receptors of the ALK5 family (ALK4, ALK5, and ALK7) and preventing the transmission of a number of biological signals, including Activin A signals, Nodal signalins, and TGFβ. A-83-01 was synthesized from a 4-(quinolin-4-yl)-substituted pyrazole scaffold.[1]

It was intraurethrally administered by mean of sterile catheter during Chemical Biology Phase I embryonic augmentation protocol of the Myrmidon Program.


  1. Tojo et. al (2005). The ALK-5 inhibitor A-83-01 inhibits Smad signaling and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by transforming growth factor-β. Cancer Science (96): 791– 800.

Anticancer Drugs (Acumen Science Laboratories): Chemical Biology and Oncology
A-83-01 (Colon Cancer) · Bicuculline (Brain Cancer) · BMS-354825 (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) · Dorsomorphin/LDN-193189 (Lung Cancer) · Cyclopamine/Robotnikinin/SANT1 (Skin, Brain, Prostate, and Colon Cancers) · LY165163 (Brain Cancer) · PK115-584 (Colon and Brain Cancer)
Source · Edit

Chemical Biology: Small-Molecule Control of Biological Systems (RelentlessRecusant)
Compound Names (Biological Targets)
Receptor Tyrosine Kinases A-83-01 (TGFβ/Activin) · BPIQ-II (EGFR) · Dorsomorphin/LDN-193189 (TGFβ/BMP) · SU5402 (FGFR)
Signaling Kinases A-769662 (AMPK) · BMS-354825 (BCR-ABL, Src)· BIO-Acetoxime (GSK3) · CHIR99021 (GSK3) · GO 6976 (PKC) · IMD-0354 (IκBa) · PD184352 (MAPK) · SB203580 (MAPK) · Y-27632 (ROCK)
G Protein-Coupled Receptor (R)-(+)-WIN 55212 (CB1/CB2) · ±-Sulpride (D2) · A 841720 (mGluR1) · BP-554 (5-HT1A) · Hh-Ag1.5 (Smo) · Cyclopamine/KAAD-Cyclopamine (Smo) · SANT1 (Smo) · SB-277011 (D3)
Ion Channels BAY K8644 (Cav1.2) · Bicuculline (GABAAR) · Cymarin (Na+/H+) · G-strophanthin (Na+/H+) · L-AP4 (Na+/H+) · Oxcarbazepine (Na+) · Resiniferatoxin (TRPV1) · Sarmentogenin (Na+/H+) · Theanine (AMPAR, NMDAR)
Transporters O-1783 (DAT) · WF-23 (DAT, SERT)
Nuclear Receptor All-trans retinoic acid (RAR/RXR) · GW501516 (PPARδ) · RU-486 (Nr3c1, Nr3c3)
Protein Phosphatases Endothall (PP2A)
Polypharmacological Phosphoserine (mGluR4) · PK115-584 (Tcf4/β-catenin, PKC) · Pluripotin · Reversine
Other 2C-E (DAT) · 4-methoxyphenyl-HTI-286 (α/β-tubulin) · Compound E/DAPT (presenilin-1) · D-cysteine · D-phenylalanine · Flurbiprofen (COX) · JZL184 (MAGL) · QS11 (RAFGAP1) · RO-28-1675 (glucokinase) · Robotnikinin (Shh) · Selegiline (MAOB)
Uncharacterized Neuropathiazol
Libraries Kinase Inhibitor Library
Small molecule-mediated manipulation of the adult human induces selective and reversible control of physiological and psychological phenotype (Rubin et. al, 2590. Nature Medicine)
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