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ACS 1015 Husky
Production information

Ringo Arms Production




Armored Combat Suit

Technical specifications

3.5 Feet


7 Feet



  • ACS W1 Pistol
  • ACS W2 Assault Rifle
  • ACS W3 Heavy Machine Gun
  • ACS W4 Sniper Rifle
  • ACS W5 120mm Recoilless Rifle
  • ACS W6 Missile Launcher

1 pilot

  • Heavy Weapons
  • Support
  • Infantry Support
  • Armor Support
  • Boarding Action

Human-Covenant War




"Our platoon was cut off and surrounded for three days and nights until five of those Huskies broke through and saved our asses."
―Anonymous Marine

The ACS 1015 Husky is an armored combat suit used as a multirole heavy weapons unit. The Husky was developed with the purpose of providing heavy weapons support to ground forces; later uses were made for boarding actions.


The development of the ACS 1015 Husky had been filled with difficulties. After the Spartan Program went public, weapons manufacturers saw the advantages of an armored combat suit. Immediately designs were made to provide its pilot with both heavy armor and armament. However each design was shot down and denied production for multiple reasons such as high cost, unreliable, too complicated, etc. However the Director of Ringo Arms Production saw the potential of such a unit and continued to fund the design. The design for the Husky went through multiple changes from having too much armor that slowed movement or not enough to support the weapons systems and the sorts. The production hit further obstacles after seeing the results of the MJOLNIR armor on unaugmented subjects. Soon Ringo Arms Production would have to pull the red light on the project due to loss of profits. However after the Fall of Reach the UNSC decided to refuel the project. Since Ringo Arms Production was the only manufacturer to have such a lead on the design they were given more funding which help the Husky leap forward. By the First Battle of Earth, Ringo Arms Production had produced its first prototype.


1014 Prototype

The first model, 1014, was at first to unwieldy, difficult to pilot, and slow to maneuver. However the UNSC found more interest when the 1014 prototype saw action in defending a small town during the First Battle of Earth. The UNSC then asked for a lighter, more mobile, easier to use model, soon more funding was put into the project.

This would give birth to the 1015 Husky. The 1015 fulfilled every aspect the UNSC had asked for. The piloting was simpler compared to earlier models. It was more mobile and faster as well as including a small jump pack. Its weapons system was more sophisticated and came with its own selection of armaments. The UNSC than asked to have 500 built immediately. However the cost and time to produce a single unit was still difficult to do such a task, shortly after the beginning of the Second Battle of Earth only twenty ACS were produced.

ACS 1015 Husky

The frame of the Husky is built to form around the user, each piece capable of being adjusted by maintenance crews. The head of the Husky really over covers the top portion of the user’s head, normally the midsection of the nose up while the rest is encased in the chest section. On the right shoulder is a large shielding to provide cover on the unit’s flank. This shield can be detached or reattached with ease or can be placed on the left shoulder instead. The suit has a small jump pack giving the ACS more maneuverability, speed, and a twenty-foot jump. The suit also has a small grenade launcher near the jump pack that can be pulled over the shoulder to fire impact or timed explosives, however the amount carried is only three. The armor on the Husky is able to withstand most small arms fire but has trouble with larger ordinances.


To pilot an ACS the user simply enters and stands inside the armor, it than closes around the user allowing them to use the limbs as if it were its own. Training to become a pilot of a Husky requires multiple needs. The first, a pilot must be fully ODST trained with at least five drops (however five drops are required to pass ODST training), two recommendations for commanding officers, be physically fit, classify as a sharpshooter with both pistols and rifles, and have experienced actual combat. After a pilot is accepted into the training they are put through a month of classroom and field training.


The Husky was developed to use its own weapons with a full selection. Due to the quick development of the weapons the designers simply labeled them as ACS W1, ACS W2, in hopes of changing the titles later on, however that never happened. The targeting system of the weapons give a direct feed into the user’s HUD allowing them to fire accurately from the hip, an action affectionately nicknamed ‘’John Wayne’’.


ACS W1 Pistol

  • ACS W1 Pistol: The ‘’sidearm’’ for a Husky. The pistol fires large slugs capable of penetrating the armor of a Warthog. The pistol packs a thirty round magazine and the preferred use during close quarters combat.

ACS W2 Assault Rifle

  • ACS W2 Assault Rifle: The assault rifle is the Husky’s tried and true weapon. The assault rifle fires a .50 caliber armor piercing round in semi-automatic of automatic mode. The assault rifle fires a two-hundred round magazine and has a simple quick reload system.

ACS W3 Heavy Machine Gun

  • ACS W3 Heavy Machine Gun: The Heavy Machine Gun fires a 20mm round. The 20mm rounds can be interchanged to fire armor piercing, high explosive, discarding sabot armor piercing, or armor piercing incendiary. The HMG uses either a hundred, two-hundred, or five-hundred round magazine depending on the operation.

ACS W4 Sniper Rifle

  • ACS W4 Sniper Rifle: The sniper rifle like the ACS W3 fires a 20mm round with high accuracy. Also capable of interchanging the same munitions as the ACS W3, the sniper rifle is capable of 5x, 10x, and 15x magnification.

ACS W5 120mm Recoilless Rifle

  • ACS W5 120mm Recoilless Rifle: The ACS W5 is used to fire a 120mm round for heavily armored targets. The Recoilless has a six round magazine and able to fire with high accuracy capable of knocking out armored targets from afar.

ACS W6 Missile Launcher

  • ACS W6 Missile Launcher: The Missile Launcher was a late developed weapon. UNSC HIGHCOM had hoped to use the ACS to deliver tacnukes to Covenant forces. The launcher was created to be able to fire multiple variety of ordinances such as air-to-ground or air-to-air. However most ACS pilots hate to use the ACS W6 because of its heat signature created after firing due to the quick development of the weapon.


Due to the low amount of ACS available four platoons were created with five suits to each platoon. Each platoon also came with a maintenance crew of twenty-five crewmembers. Each platoon was deployed for different operations from supporting heavy assaults, defending, and boarding Covenant vessels. After the end of the Human-Covenant War ACS production was increased creating a regimental size force however the UNSC found that the platoon level deployment worked best and continued with that doctrine.

Combat Record

The Husky has an impressive combat record mostly spanding after the end of the Human-Covenant War. During the Human-Covenant War the Huskies were part of major offensives such as Operation Windmill, a counter offensive in northern Germany. As well as the Defense of Saigon and Operation Twilight a major offensive where the Huskies were the spearhead of the assault going across Alaska to Washington State. After the Human-Covenant War the Huskies saw operations with URF rebels and Covenant Remnants on many colony planets.

UNSC Comments

“Unfortunately those things aren’t invincible. During Operation Windmill we were assaulting a fortified position with Wraiths. One of those Huskies took a direct hit with a plasma mortar and turned into a burning hulk” – Marine

“Those HMGs are damn impressive man, we was defendin’ this hill when the Brutes come at us with a line of Jackals usin’ their shields as a wall right. So one of them Husks just lets it rock n roll and cuts down the whole damn wave man.” –ODST

“Seeing a whole platoon at work is just a work of art. Those pilots turned the tide of so many battles it just baffles the mind. When I met one of the pilots after the war I bought him a case of beer and said thanks.” – Marine Lieutenant.

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