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The AN/PAX-625 Mockingbird is the standard-issue friendly-unit infrared designation system in use by the UNSC Defence Force, first adopted in 2493.


Used to identify friendly forces during night operations, the Mockingbird emits an infrared strobe that can be detected by the thermal imaging systems in aircraft, or infantry and ground vehicle night vision systems to tell friendly forces from the enemy and prevent friendly fire incidents. The Mockingbird has two settings: One simply emits a strobe constantly at regular intervals, which is the function most often used. Should UNSC forces encounter an enemy that is also using IR strobes, however, the Mockingbird can be set to emit strobes in a random pattern that is detected by the imaging system's computer, which tags the strobes with a blue UNSC tag and unrecognised strobes with a red hostile tag. However, in cases such as these, UNSC forces may simply choose not to wear strobes at all, as it reduces the risk of detection by enemy forces and makes the enemy further stand out.

The Mockingbird itself consists of a plastic-encased emitter attached to a simple web strap, that is usually attached to the wrist or shoulder straps on the UNSCDF Ground Combat Uniform or the M52B Body Armour.

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