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AQ-22 Warhound
Production information

unmanned combat air vehicle

Technical specifications
Engine Power

twin high power ramjets


4 internal weapons bays with medium hard points

  • unmanned super sonic strike aircraft

Necros War




The AQ-22 Warhound is a UNSC Drone.


The Warhound is a super sonic strike drone with stealth features with four internal ordnance bays, mounting ordnance loadouts similar to the Wardog UCAV. Having RADAR resistant features, active camouflage and other anti-detection systems, the vehicle can slip in and deliver heavy ordnance strikes with relative ease.

The Warhound is largely autonomous, possessing an advanced central processor, with a self-learning neural net CPU, capable of advanced reasoning, decision making and altering it's mission parameters to complete it's goals. This allows it to avoid being detected by interception of its signals or avoid cyber or electronic attacks. The on-board CPU is capable of identifying targets in the mission area, engage them autonomously, preform close air support, strike preprogrammed targets or attack target designated targets. Any information that is relayed, is primarily target information and attack requests. It can be operated remotely, but its rare for it to be done. On the ground, once it's mission parameters are set and objectives marked, it can operate entirely independently, lifting off, navigating to the combat area, engaging it's targets and returning to base by itself.

Warhounds are rarely used to gather intelligence, and more often are used for quick, precise strikes, unlike other UCAVs. Their offensive capability consists of four internal rotary bays, capable of mounting a variety of missiles, bombs and stand-off munitions. This allows it to engage hardened targets, RADAR facilities, armoured vehicles and stationary positions. Its range of munitions can include anti-tank missiles, stand-off missiles, bunker busting bombs, bomblet launchers, anti-radiation missiles, nuclear weapons, and other, more exotic weapons.

The Warhound has a number of features to avoid detection, such as a stealth resistant design, S-shaped inlets, RADAR absorbent materials, infra-red/ultra-violet invisible coating, emission control, stealthy AESA RADARS, advanced electronic warfare suites and an active camouflage system, using an adaptive camouflage system to match its surroundings to adapt to a variety of conditions and maintain near zero visibility to enemy sensors. Failing that, it can achieve high speeds and evade enemy fire.

UNSC Remarks

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