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Production information
  • air/space intercept missile
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

severe, typically fatal

Ammunition Type

active radar guided missile


high (guided)

  • 250 kilometers maximum (atmosphere)
  • 2000 kilometers maximum (space)
  • 500 meters minimum

Human-Covenant War



F-A 712 cockpit shot 3

The View from the cockpit of Ross East's F/A 712 Scimitar Multirole Fighter as he shoots down two Covenant Seraph fighters with ASGM-12 Missiles.

The ASGM-12 is a late-Human-Covenant War-era air/space-to-air/space missile designed to take down shielded Covenant fighter aircraft such as the Seraph at long, medium, or short ranges. The missile was often carried by the F/A 712 Scimitar Multirole Fighter, though it could also be carried Longsword and Sabre fighters.


The missile carries a revolutionary two-stage warhead designed to both deplete the shields of a Seraph and cause often fatal damage to the enemy aircraft. The first stage of the warhead consists of an explosively pumped flux compression generator to create an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) capable of disabling the shields of a Covenant Seraph fighter. The second stage of the warhead is a 60 pound high explosive warhead capable blasting through the hull of an unshielded Seraph. The shield-disabling ability of the dual-stage warhead meant that UNSC pilots no longer had to ripple-fire (fire two or more missiles at one target) missiles at Seraphs to ensure a kill, as they often did with ASGM-10. The explosives are combined with liquid oxygen to enable the warhead to detonate in space. The missile can be set to detonate on impact, or through the use of a proximity fuse.

Guidance System

The missile's main guidance system is an active radar homing system, meaning the missile has a radio transceiver and all other systems needed to track the target in the missile body. This system, however, is most effective at medium-to-long ranges and can be jammed by electronic countermeasures, though the Covenant, being reliant mostly on energy shield technology, employ few electronic counter measures. In the event the missile does encounter ECM, or when engaging at closer ranges, the missile can switch to a secondary Infrared homing guidance system.

Operational History

The ASGM-12 was introduced in September 2552 along with F/A-712 Scimitar Fighter, to late to see combat on Reach or either of the Halo installations. The ASGM-12 first saw action in the Second Battle of Earth, where it quickly racked up Seraph kills. In general, the missile was employed only in engagements with shielded fighter aircraft. For unshielded Covenant craft, UNSC pilots typically used their cannons or older air-to-air missiles such as the ASGM-10 and ASGM-11 Medusa missiles. The ASGM-12 went on to see service in the Battle of the Ark and in later engagements against the Remnants of the Covenant. The ASGM-12 was phased out in the 2580s in favor of the AIM-11 CLAW and AIM-34 HORN missiles.

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