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Fast and maneuverable, the Weasel was developed as a reconnaissance vehicle capable of taking care of itself in should it run into enemy opposition. Smaller that a Warthog, but larger than a Mongoose, the Weasel is roughly comparable to the Desert Patrol Vehicle of the early 21st century in terms of its armament, role and size.


The three-seat ASV-27 is four wheeled and fitted with a single M-41 Chaingun, mounted behind the driver and passenger seats on an ultra-light turret designed especially for the light-weight Weasel.

The designers of the Weasel sacrificed most of the vehicle's armor in exchange for speed. However, thanks to an advanced ceramic/kevlar overlay the ASV-27 is remarkably durable in spite of its light nature. An even heavier armored variant the ASV-27 (Assault) variant has been created, although it is not yet in widespread use.

The driver and passenger are protected by a roll cage, onto which some mechanics have welded ersatz armor to in order to protect the crew from small arms and plasma fire, something the open design of the Weasel makes them vulnerable to.

Given its lightweight nature and small size the ASV-27 can be transported in the troop transport bay of a Pelican should the need arise.


The Weasel in action


ASV-27 Weasel Aggressive Scout Vehicle (Assault)

This variant of the ASV-27 has been uparmored to allow it play a more direct role in battle, fighting alongside Warthogs and APCs, although it is still lighter than most fighting vehicles, and its drivers tend to favor hit-and-run tactics.

UNSC Remarks

"Fast as heck, but they attract a lot of fire. Your best bet to survive is keep moving and have a good man on the Mike 41."

"Took a Fuel Rod right through the turret. Killed the gunner and sprayed us pretty good, but we got out of there alright.The Weasel may be small, but she's tough"

"That thing is so fast. I've seen guys jump it over those huge canyons on Scandar after the bridges got blown. Scared the heck out of the Covies."

"Its got the same name and it's about the same size as the M17, but they're still pretty different, the M17's a smoother ride, but you sure can't beat the ASV-27 for getting you out of scrapes in a hurry."

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