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Biographical information

Kai Jie


Hong Kong VII

Date of birth

March 5, 2534





Hair color

Black with bits of Red

Eye color

Red and Violet

Affiliation and military information





Fighting, Tatical planning and Stealth






>ONI Level 10 Security > Leader of ONI only
>Welcome ATHENIAN-000

ATHENIAN-000 was the only successful subject of the ATHENIAN Project. He wears an experimental version of Close Quarters Battle Armor. He uses a strange chemical agent that reacts violently with oxygen. He is also known to use guns. He also has used frag grenades and plasma grenades. He also carries a wakazashi and a combat knife. He defected from the UNSC and now has no allies that UNSC or Covenat know about. Be warned he is an amazing hacker. The lab he was being trained at was destroyed. The most agreed on reason why he defected was that during his escape from the lab he hit his head and has amnesia. During his time as a renagaed he has stolen the plans for a smart A.I. and created ATHENIAN-001.


After leaving the facility, which was destroyed, he wandered for some 2 months. Catching the odd civilian transport he traveled to several glassed planets, he would keep his armor in a suitcase, which he carried around. After meeting several military personal he gathered favors and trust amongst many soldiers. He then moved onto find a battle raging on the Archive when he was on a water transport ship. After leaving the battle he went on to find the thing he had found out about on the Archive, not being seen for 2 months he returned completely different. He then traveled to Arctic IV and started to look for something else. After leaving Arctic IV he wandered for another year mostly in cryogenic freeze. During that year he met and joined the forces of Karma. Traveling on his own to Ceres, he fought in the battle which conculed Ceres's existence. Collecting the blood of one member of Team Alpha, he went on a quest to obtain the others. Eventually He found the place he was looking for the abandoned Forerunner research faculty. This is where he gained his new ability to expel the chemical agent, trisodium hyrodrogen diethylene. It will burst into fire with the slightest contact with air, but retain the shape it is expelled as.

Ladydeath 1024x768

ATHENIAN-000's personal portable computer's wallpaper

>Order confirmed
>Deleting file
>Done ATHENIAN-000 logging out

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