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She was the results of a rebel attempt at trying to make not only a SPARTAN-II, but an ATHENIAN of all things. They had gotten the plans for their super soldier from the destroyed ONI facilities that housed the first ATHENIAN. After failing due to lack of funds, third grade chemicals and horrible treatment of the recruit. She almost died, being almost to weak to move they tried to mutate her DNA with that of stronger animals and humans. Not working again they tried the last thing possible, applying augmentations. This made her unable to walk, dangerously insane and unstable DNA. Worrying for their lives they threw her in the incinerator with some of the unused animal blood samples. During the Mutation of her DNA only one strand integrated the others were rejected, this strand was the wolf strand. After the syringes suck into her body and gave there blood, did the effects of the mutation begin to show. Her nails grew into the shape of wold claws. Her hearing and smell increase almost hundred times there normal sensitivity and she increased in agility. The augmentations also showed there effects giving her stronger bones, denser muscles, stronger vision and other effects.


After gaining these new abilities she jumped out of the incinerator and snuck into the halls of the facility. She killed and guard by breaking his neck and she stole his gun. Beginning to systematically kill all the guards she made it to the mess hall where the scientists were eating their dinner. Taking the longest time here she slaughtered the personal and took her revenge. Walking out the main gate and dodging a couple of rounds from a UNSC marine. They had found the lab and had taken the outer walls. Thinking she was a survivor of the rebel tests, they took her to a pelican. She was to be transported to a ship and taken back to earth.


When she arrived on earth she was given a foster home to live in till she was 18 (she is 16 at this point). The UNSC worried after finding the facility completely devoid of life. check on the foster family again. They find all of the house members dead and ATHENIAN-002 missing. Sending an ONI officially they try to find her and bring her to justice for the murders of her foster family.

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