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AV-19 Peregrine
Production information

Misriah Armories



Technical specifications

17 meters


16.2 meters


4.5 meters

Navigation system

Motion trackers

  • 1 Pilot
  • 2 Gunners

2 Gunners


Air Assault/Close Air Support




The AV-19 Peregrine, more commonly called the Peregrine is a UNSC atmospheric gunship. It is armed with a pair of quad-barreled .50 caliber machine guns, and can be equipped with a pair of Scorpion rockets.

Appearance and Use

The Peregrine consists of a single cockpit with an extended fuselage to carry its two gunners and the ammo for its machine guns, and it can be stripped of its machine guns in order to carry 5 Marine ODSTs on fast attack missions. At the rear of the craft are two massive jet engine turbo fans, with smaller propulsion units on top to provide a forward thrust.

The Peregrine is used in a supporting role to larger VTOL craft, such as the Pelican Dropship, though the latter carries heavier armaments at the expense of being unable to ferry large amounts of infantry. The Peregrine is mostly used in the role of a gunship or a close air support aircraft as it is able to both transport small ODST soldiers on fast attack insertions and support them.


Peregrines were used as early as 2536, when they were used to ferry ODST strike teams to targets, as well as assaulting Covenant outposts. They were also used during the Second Battle of Earth in 2552, although to a lesser extent. They provided air cover throughout several battles all over the planet. Several Peregrines were later brought to the Ark and fought against enemy Banshee formations at several diversionary locations during the Battle of the Ark.


In respect of weapons, the Peregrine is heavily armed, featuring high velocity anti-infantry and addable anti-vehicle weapons. These consist of a pair of four barreled .50 cal machine guns mounted in the middle of the craft, on either side of the cockpit. The anti-vehicle capabilities of the Peregrine comprise of a pair of Scorpion rockets on the underside of the craft.


The Peregrine is very resistant to small arms fire. However, the machine gun armament of the Warthog is capable of doing heavy damage to it and its occupants. The craft is also easily damaged by missiles, with only two or three destroying it, to counter this, the UNSC designed it as a fast and nimble craft, capable of evading and out-running most types of infantry held anti-aircraft rockets.

UNSC Remarks

"The Peregrine has saved my life on more worlds, than I'd like to list."

"I've seen what its like, for them [Marines] on the ground, they always thank me after, for saving 'em, I don't care, I just wanna get back and those Foxtrots for takin' our planets."

"The AV-19 is one of the best things yet to come outta Misriah, got more armament than the Hornets, faster than the Pelicans, only way to make 'em better, is to give 'em a mounted nuke launcher."

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