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AWM-1 "Scarab-Slayer" Anti-Heavy Walker Missile

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40px-Terminal.png This article, AWM-1 "Scarab-Slayer" Anti-Heavy Walker Missile, was written by SPARTAN 119. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


The Scarab-Slayer missile was put into service in 2552, shortly before the Second Battle of Earth as a counter to the Covenant Scarab walker. The missile weighs about 1200 pounds, is about 15 feet long, and can be fired from a launch tube mounted on the M-850 Grizzly Anti-Scarab Vehicle or from the ordinance bay of a C-709 Longsword Fighter or F/A 712 Scimitar Multirole Fighter. The warhead consists of a 100 pound shaped charge to pierce the heavy frontal armor of the Scarab and follow through thermobaric bomb to destroy interior systems and kill the crew. The Scarab-Slayer has a high success rate at destroying Scarabs, as well as buildings and Covenant Drinols.

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