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Aaron Temura Summer Davids
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Arizona III

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Aaron Davids was originally a civilian, living on Reach, when the Covenant attacked, Aaron was rescued by, and joined the The Mighty Red Falcon.


Aaron was born on the hostile planet Arizona III, where his parents were killed by the crime lord Greg Huit becase they owed him money. Aaron, at the age of 14 travelled to Reach in an attempt to escape his past, and on Reach he was put into an orphanage, where he was looked upon as a possible SPARTAN III, he was abducted put through intensive training, and been given some of the augmentations, then they realised Aaron was to old for the training to be completely efffective, and abandoned him back at his orphanage, removing a good portion of his memory, to keep the project safe.

1st Battle Of Reach

Several years later, the Covenant exited slipspace above Reach, but before the battle even started, Judas Rimmer, had started ferrying people off Reach, on The Mighty Red Falcon, among the many people saved was Aaron, who convinced Judas to allow him to join him.

The Mighty Red Falcon

The Covenant soon attacked the Falcon again though, causing it to crash land onto a Covenant inhabited moon. Here Aaron was captured, interrogated and tortured, by the Covenant, until Aaron started to lose his head, and started yelling about the way the UNSC rule over the people, because the people want them to, this startled the Grunts, who were the majority of the population, ruled over by the elte Tzal Zukinee.

Aaron had released the thought of Democracy to the Grunts, who released Aaron, and overthrew the Covenant on the moon in the Rebellion on K'rool. Pleading for a new world, as the Covenant would surely come looking for them, Judas led them to H'ck, where the Grunts reestablished their own society. The crew was then joined by four new Grunts, among them Naboo

Return to Arizona III

Aaron convinced Judas to take the Falcon to defeat Greg Huit, who had killed his parents. Judas comlied after realising Greg Huit was one of the largest Crime Lords on the planet. Upon arrival, they discovered that Greg Huit had operations everywhere, and they were told by a small child of a building that they keep drugs in, as everyone else was to afraid to respond to their queries about Huit.

Aaron, with Naboo and another grunt, broke into the drug store house, holding the people inside at gunpoint. They forced one of them, a man called Winston Power, to show them Gregs main base of operations. Winston, who was high at that point complied, though he called them all way to agro, and he boarded the Falcon, and lead them to a large mansion outside the cities.

Judas walked around the building looking for the room Greg Huit was in, eventually finding him in his cellar. Aaron, Naboo, and two of the Grunts, went in next, where they met armed resistance from Greg's troops. Whilst running down the main hall, one of grunts was shot in the face, and Aaron got a chunk of his nose shot off. Eventually the group did reach the cellar, and opened the door, Greg killed the other Grunt, before being killed by Aaron.

Aaron was unsatisfied with the result of Greg's death, and would ask to be left alone for several days afterwards. Including when Zombie Jesus attacked their ship, Aaron ended up moping around the halls half-heartedly, whilst the others rushed around in search of the dangerous killer.

H'ck Hostage Situation and Finding Ornar

Later on the return journey to H'ck, they discovered signs of life on the nearby planet of Major. Here they found the Majorans, who believed the crew to be messiahs from the heavens and lavished them with gifts and a feast. The Majorans believed in an apocalypse called the End Days, in which the Moon would fall down upon them, releasing demons and killing them all, and when Judas accidentally uttered the Majoran word for 3, panic spread as they believed they only had 3 days left to live.

Judas and the crew helped stop several riots, with Aaron, saving the a large group of Majorans from a burning building, acting as a pillar to keep the roof up long enough for them to escape, though eventually it collapsed upon him, badly burning him, and he was hospitalised. Eventually the rest of the crew calmed down the population, and succeeded in explaining that they weren't messiahs but rather adventurers from another world. This greatly angered on of the Barons (leaders of Majoran Society), Sakull Murikid, who had created a huge Gravity cannon in an attempt to stop the end days. In a bout of anger, he aimed the canon at H'cks moon and threatened to blast it into the planet. Judas, feeling this all to be his fault, easily walked through the Baron's defences and dismantled his machine.

Murikid did still, however, capture the rest of crew, including Aaron, and threatened to execute them. Aaron woke up during these proccedings, and defeated his guards, only to again be surrounded by a huge amount of soldiers, and told by Naboo that it would be better to surrender. However Judas again approached the Baron and talked him into letting them go, and convinced him to try and trade with the Grunts on H'ck.

Aaron and the crew next travelled to an underpopulated Covenant colony world, to get medical supplies. Aaron and Winston remained on the ship, as Naboo gathered the supplies and Judas went exploring. However Judas returned with an Elite that had recently attempted suicide, Ornar Badtum(ee). This greatly angered both Naboo and Aaron, who had witnessed their people being slaughtered by the Elites. Ornar did stay however, and eventually Aaron would come to accept him, though they were still on uneasy terms, they held each other's backs in fights, and Aaron attempted to get him to quit his heavy drinking.

The Jackal Jewk also ambushed the ship, soon after it's take off, he had been searching for Ornar, who used to be his commander. Jewk went into a firefight with Aaron, Naboo and Winston, though he was eventually convinced to also join the crew by Ornar.

Afrodite II and Gaining The Extra Crew

The crew next travelled to Afrodite II, in an attempt to gather scrap materials for the Grunts to use until their mining operations worked. Here the crew found a small civilisation of people abandoned by the UNSC on the glassed planet. Aaron helped put them on the Falcon, and they were taken back to Earth, though Elizabeth Caesar would remain with the crew, to repay her and her families debt.

They were soon attacked by Covenant Loyalists looking for the Grunts on H'ck. The Covenant boarded the ship, though Aaron and the rest of the crew succeeded in holding them off at their entrance, Aaron killed 11 Grunts and 4 Brutes out of the 32 Grunts and 7 Brutes killed. The now amnesiac Bollo also joined the crew here.

The crew then decided it would be best to return to Earth and gather a larger crew. The crew landed in Australia, where they were joined by Winstons friend Paul Habib, the failing DJ, Bryan Johansen, and adventurering archaeologist Dan Iskan, who also revealed the location of the self-exiled Hunter Imogo Oth Warpol, who also joined the crew.

These new crewmembers paid off, as they aided in defeating and destroying the Loyalist ship that again attacked them.

Halo: What If?

In the Alternate Reality, seen in Halo: What If?, Aaron Davids is a member of the Human Rebellion, against the Covenant, whom all other Humans have joined.

In this Universe, Aaron is still not a full Spartan, having his training ruined by a Covenant attack in the middle of his augmentation process, leaving his skills as they are in the regular Universe. Aarons parents were killed by a corrupt Prophet, early in his life, which is what led him to join the Rebels.

Combat Skills

Aaron should be noted, that due to his childhood training in a SPARTAN facility, he is a superb combatant, and though he didn't receive all the standard augmentations, his speed, agility and strength is far above the norm, as is his endurance.

Aaron is also surprisingly acrobatic, being able to do a successful kick in a handstand position, flip off or over walls, and has occasionally even run up his oponnents body to deliver a bonesnapping kick to his neck.

Mighty Red Falcon's Crew
Aaron Davids | Bryan Johansen |Bollo | Dan Iskan | Elizabeth Caesar | Imogo Oth Warpol |Jewk | Judas Rimmer | Naboo | Ornar Badtum | Winston Power

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