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Aaron George Gibson
Service Record

Captain (O-6)

Service Number


Biographical Information

Cygnus II

Date of Birth

February 26, 2478

Date of Death

June 16, 2552

Physical Description



5' 10"


M6C Pistol


Encrypted Datapad w/ Stylus


UNSC Green River Killer






Retinal/Biological Code Clearance Modification


ONI Officer's Security Chip
Standard Neural Interface/Naval Intelligence edition (SNI/NI)

Medical Status

Deceased (Unconfirmed)

Miscellaneous Information

ONI Seal 1 ONI

"You may question my actions. You may recoil from my methods. But you can never challenge my motivations. I acted in Humanity's best interests, and ladies and gentlemen, I assure you that none of you would have done any differently had you been in my shoes."
―Capt. Aaron Gibson, before a courts-martial review board, 2548.

Aaron G. Gibson was an officer in the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence, and served as the head of the Office's controversial Section Three black operations unit, the Theta-2 Division. He was officially killed when the Covenant discovered and attacked his Prowler, but this has not been confirmed. After declassification of his files, he was most noted for his repeated use of SPARTAN-091 for morally-reprehensible actions against Insurrectionist rebels and suspected Insurrectionist sympathizers.


Early life

Gibson's childhood was relatively unremarkable, as he was born and raised on Cygnus II by his parents, two wealthy Inner Colony aristocrats. He showed a propensity for logical and mathematical intelligence, doing quite well on all left-brained activities in his grade school courses, and learned to program a basic computer function by the time he was eight years old. His parents doted on him, raising him with the finest education, hobbies and pursuits that their old-world money could buy. He learned to play the piano quite well, and was featured at several youth recitals in his district. By the time that he was in middle school, Gibson had established himself as quite the nerd, withdrawing from social contact and spending a great deal of time with his books and his instrument, constantly refining and honing his skills. Very few of the children in his class knew who he was or what he looked like, as he only showed up for classes and wasted no time in leaving after they were concluded.

In highschool, Gibson evened out slightly, becoming a complete and utter lone wolf. He shunned most social contact, and was perfectly fine that he was not included in anyone else's activities. Unfortunately, he developed an intense hatred for athletes, who were loud and obnoxious towards him, constantly making fun of his studies and behavior. He internalized these feelings at first, but eventually began to act on them, and would often pull malicious pranks on the players. Once, he was caught and beaten up, which only increased his resentment. He graduated with impeccable grades, and was in consideration for valedictorian of his class but instead earned the rank of salutatorian. His parents were not in attendance at the ceremony, having been called away for some sort of business off world. In his salutation, he switched out his previous administration-approved speech with one of his own creation, in which he subtly insulted both his cohorts and teachers, citing his inborn talent as the only thing that got him his academic place and his acceptance into the planet's prestigious Thompson University. After he concluded, he walked out of the auditorium.

He remained relatively unchanged by his experiences at the university, repeating his successes of highschool. Majoring in mathematics and minoring in interplanetary relations, he graduated summa cum laude in the year 2499. Out of university, he soon grew bored of the low-paying and uninteresting job as a math teacher for the local high school that he had attained and began searching for alternatives. He found himself more and more intrigued by the teachings of ancient philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli, and began to see how his formulaic approach to life could prove useful in an intelligence-gathering manner. The possibilities of a career in military intelligence seemed exciting to the young Gibson, and he signed up for an officer's training program that fast-tracked him into the UNSC Navy.

Military career

Though fairly challenged by the physical side of Naval Officer training, Gibson glided through every single intelligence-testing trial with top marks, highlighting his dossier as one that the Office of Naval Intelligence would be interested in. Soon enough, he was able to improve his personal fitness scores to an acceptable level, although he remained vastly inferior to many of the other cadets. At the range, partially because of his deficiency in upper body strength, he had quite a hard time mastering any UNSC weapon above an M6 pistol. As with every other skill he found he could control, Gibson outperformed everyone in pistol qualifications, and earned both an "Expert" rating and a Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge awarded by High Command. When it came time to graduate, Gibson marked his preferred assignment as Naval Intelligence, and his secondary as Stealth Engagement Warfare (Prowler Corps). Since both of these specialties fell under ONI's jurisdiction, and since Gibson had stellar aptitude ratings for Intelligence, he was commissioned as an Ensign (O-1) and assigned to the Office's training program.

He was assigned to the Office's designated "newbie" prowler, the UNSC Buried A Lie, where he quickly sped ahead of all of his peers in both learning of shipboard technology and aptitude for conspiracy. The craft was deployed on several key anti-Insurrectionist operations as a command and control hub for black ops teams, and Gibson soon began to appreciate the skills of the operatives he supported from above. After several proving tests on board the Lie, he was sent to his final appraisal of learned knowledge, commonly referred to by agents as the "Gauntlet," a simulation that measured stress, aptitude for command, and critical thinking in a dangerous situation. Gibson was the first operative to completely pass the test with "Above Average" marks on every component, and was quietly shuffled off to Section Three's offices for further evaluation and a fast-track promotion to Lieutenant (O-3). There, he was integrated with his first black operations cell as a support asset.

Black Operations Group

Theta-2 Division

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