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Abdul Muntaqin
Biographical information
Date of birth

June 3rd, 2443

Date of death

August 23rd, 2524

Physical description



5' 10"


ARC Launcher

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Abdul Muntaqin was the leader of Set and lived in Anubis.


Abdul was born in 2443 on Earth. In his early years, he was subjected to many horrors as he was Shi'a and at the time, a major religious conflict had caused a genocide to start. Abdul was nearly killed multiple times, both by religious prosecutors and the UNSC which did little to quell the situation. Later on, when his people colonized Set, Abdul lived in a slum. He fought for respect and soon became a prominent figure and a leader in the slums. When he turned 30 years old, Abdul took power and became the ruler of Set. Under his regime, Set saw an age of development but fear mongering on a large scale.

When the UNSC decided to take Set and demolish the capital of Anubis, Abdul resisted and organized his military, the SAW. He led many unsuccessful attacks but one in particular led to the loss of half his forces. This began to cause his people to doubt his leadership ability. As he and his military were forced to go underground, Abdul managed to keep power over Anubis and his people with fear. Threats and assassinations kept his people too afraid to stand against Abdul and his actions.

He later joined forces with the URF to purge the UNSC from Set. After years of guerilla warfare, the UNSC finally left. Another war followed, this time with the URF as Abdul wanted to sever ties with them. He forced his people to fight, believing that he had a great advantage over the URF. Unfortunately for him, Abdul's tyranny had caught up to him and his own bodyguards killed him to stop his dictatorship and his reckless spiral into colonial collapse. After him, Muhyi Al Din Kamal gained power.

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