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Art Planet
General Information


Orbital Characteristics
Maximum Orbital Speed

60,67760 km



Physical Characteristics
Land Area


Water Area



1,763332 * 10km


6,8992 * 10 kg

  • 40.02% Nitrogen
  • 21.54% Oxygen
  • 1.31% Carbon Dioxide
  • 37.03% Water Vapor

Abell is a small agricultural colony of the UNSC that used to be a large industrial planet. After a cvil conflict

All the factories helped the local economy

several nuclear factories were lost in the process causing the atmosphere to be filled with large amounts of nuclear radiation. Causes of the war was a civl uprising due to the terrible conditions that the grunt workers were put in. Being busy with the Covenant the UNSC had no call in this situation. The damage dissolved both factions and the UNSC had lost hold of the planet. Decades later survivors of the conflict banded together to form small groups of farming communities.

New Found Power

With a new found power on the planet peace had returned. The UNSC returned to with a somewhat larger force to investigate what had happened after their foothold was lost. The UNSC helped with the planet's reconstruction by adding spaceports and bringing in new technology.

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