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Accla ‘Jar Vor Rojasee
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High Councillor





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Human-Covenant War

Notable Events
  • Layed ground-work for the USR and AUR
  • Saved the lives of several Sangheili High Councillors

Covenant, USR


Accla 'Jar Vor Rojasee was a Sangheili High Councillor during the later end of the Human-Covenant War. Together with Xytan 'Jar Wattinree he was a legendary commander, winning battle after battle for the Covenant but when Wattinree was reassigned to the far corners of the Covenant Rojasee dropped out of military and joined the council, part out of wish to remain in control and a place of power and part to bide his time. He saw this coming. He had gotten many of the best councillors "delayed" or reassigned from High Charity when he could, but he could only save so many. He was responsible for laying the ground work of what would become the United Sangheili Republic and the Alliance of United Races.
Sadly, shortly before the Necros War, he was assassinated by several members of the National Sangheili Resistance.

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